Coaching to Flourish in Uncertainty – with Paul Golding

Paul Golding

Reactions to uncertainty can be varied, changing and unpredictable.  As a theme, uncertainty is not new.  Events in the last few years on a global, and local scale, have led more people to question how they can work in, or thrive, in uncertainty.     

In this CPD session we will examine how our own relationship with uncertainty can influence our coaching. We will explore how using ourselves as an instrument, as well as utilizing tools, models and techniques can aid our coachees to find their own path to flourish in uncertainty. Many of the most successful techniques will not be brand new; we will be tailoring what already works well, and clarifying what lens or approach best enables your work in this environment.  

You can expect to leave this session with a clearer picture of how you relate to uncertainty – in all its guises. We will examine ways that you can work with your experience, what tools and techniques you already use in this space and what you can add to your toolkit.

About Paul Golding

Paul is an experienced executive coach who has worked with individuals, teams and groups experiencing uncertainty.

In the first 10 years of his career, he advised and ran organisations experiencing uncertain futures as a Restructuring and Insolvency professional.

In his early 30s he survived a rare and aggressive form of leukaemia and has spent the last decade working with individuals and teams where he specialises helping those experiencing uncertainty, challenge and change.

He is a Senior Practitioner (EMCC) and holds an advanced diploma in Transformational Coaching.

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