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Vision and purpose

Our vision is to create purposeful conversations that change hearts and minds, and enable the potential both in leaders and in those they serve.

Our purpose is to create a community of professional and transformational coaches, who are highly competent, working with honesty and integrity and positively contributing to the coaching profession.

The video below provides you with insights into the values and principles that underpin our work as coaches and the training we provide to coaches and our organizational clients.

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Social responsibility

At Catalyst14, it’s important for us to make our work accessible, to give back and be socially accountable. For this reason, every year we provide charities, the NHS and education sectors with pro bono coaching and coach training.

We currently have pro bono coaching schemes with Fareshare, Coram and Barnardo’s.


Testimonials about our pro bono work

“In response to the pandemic and urgent need to support staff health and wellbeing, between May – August 2020, a volunteer coaching network was offered to all staff at Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust, made up of over 20 qualified pro bono coaches from Catalyst 14. Coachees felt they received a good level of psychological safety, there was opportunity for discussion, they appreciated a dedicated time to pause and reflect, a supportive environment to gain clarity and the space to identify actions to move forward. It had a high personal impact and was very well received at a very challenging time.”

 South Essex NHS Foundation Trust on a 2020 pro bono coaching scheme organised by Catalyst 14

“It was good to get together with other leaders and share the challenges we share as leaders.  I particularly enjoyed learning about different coaching strategies that I can implement when developing others.  It is very powerful as you get people to find their answers which allows them to dig deep.  You guide them and they find, in their own context,  something that works for them.  I would give a strategy that may not work for them. Asking the coaching questions places a greater emphasis on listening and this was my lesson and I found it hard having to listen. Now I do more coaching and have developed the ability to listen more to others. I feel more supportive than before.”

Sarah Bruquetas, Mulgrave Primary School, Woolwich, feeding back on some pro bono coach training run by Catalyst 14

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