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Damion Wonfor | Director

Catalyst 14 is run by Damion Wonfor — an experienced executive coach, coach trainer, mindfulness trainer, coach supervisor and facilitator. He has coached and trained at all levels within the private and public sectors in the UK and globally.

Damion has worked at all levels within organisations with high potentials, managers, directors, executives and leadership teams across a variety of functions. He is passionate about building strong relationships with his clients and helping individuals and teams explore their personal authenticity and emotional intelligence to make sustainable changes to their behaviour. He brings a high degree of calm presence along with support and challenge, enabling his clients to fully accept and embrace change.

Damion Wonfor


Damion’s focus is always on how the individual can fully explore who they really are within their work and how they can make the required shifts in performance to maximise improvements in their work and personal lives. His recent team and individual assignments have been focused on exploring and developing key emotional intelligence capabilities such as confidence (imposter syndrome), empathy, impulse control and resilience.


Prior to starting Catalyst 14, Damion spent eight years as a partner in a global coaching consultancy, where he led their coach education programmes, including the MSc in Coaching. In terms of his corporate experience, he spent 15 years in senior learning and development roles within large blue chip organisations in the financial and professional service sectors. His last corporate role was as Global Learning and Development Manager for a professional services firm supporting 10,000 staff across 40 countries.


Damion holds an MSc in Coaching and Development; is a Master Coach (EMCC EQA) and Senior Coach Practitioner (EMCC EIA); has a Advanced Diploma in Coaching Supervision (CSA); European Individual Supervisor Award (EMCC ESIA); has a certificate in Systemic Coaching and Constellations; a Diploma in Interpersonal Mindfulness; has trained as a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher with Exeter University; is a Master Practitioner in NLP; has a Certificate in Training Practice and is a Certified Heartmath Coach.

He is also certified in EQi and EQ-360 – Emotional Intelligence Psychometric tools (Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step I, and Step II and TKI tools).

Damion is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), Association of Coaching Supervisors (AOCS) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Liz Palmer | Partner

Liz has extensive experience as a coach, coach trainer and facilitator working at all levels in both the public and private sector across a wide range of industries.

Liz has a profound belief in helping others be the best they can be and to use their potential to the full. She creates a strong relationship with her clients and works in a non-judgemental way to help them notice and explore what is currently challenging them, and to re-connect them to their values and strengths.


Liz works with individuals and teams so that they can have the greatest impact in both their business and personal lives. She draws on both her personal and professional experience of change to help her clients explore the choices they make, both consciously and unconsciously, and the impact those choices have on their performance. Liz’s calm and reassured presence creates a supportive and challenging environment in which her clients can take time to reflect, explore and make sense of new insights and experiences. As part of the coaching process she encourages and challenges her clients to experiment with different approaches, enabling them to explore and experience what might otherwise remain hidden.

Liz Palmer

Liz builds strong relationships with her clients which enables them to fully explore their own potential and make sustainable changes in their behaviour. Those changes then ripple out into the teams and organisation in which they work.

She maintains a pragmatic approach to her work, keeping the bigger picture in mind and maintaining a focus on what the individual and the business needs to deliver.


Prior to becoming a coach, Liz worked extensively in change management, organisation development and talent management. Her degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics at Southampton University led to a career that spanned Engineering, Operations and HR in several blue-chip companies including British Aerospace, Gillette and Cadbury Schweppes.

Liz’s youngest son was born with severe autism which meant that she took a long break from her professional career. She became an independent coach in 2011. Part of her own coaching journey has been to recognise the impact her experience of supporting her son’s learning and growth has had on her coaching practice and the way she works with her clients.


Liz is an EMCC Accredited Senior Coach Practitioner (EMCC EIA) and holds both an Advanced Practitioner and Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching from the Academy of Executive Coaching in London.

She is one of a handful of VoicePrint Master Practitioners, an innovative new profiling tool which enables productive and impactful conversations. She is a certified user of:

• VoicePrint self-perception profile, 360 and group profiling tools

• Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step I & II

• Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Instrument

• Insightful Edge 360 and team profiling tool

Liz is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and Association for Coaching (AC).

Vanessa Rogers | Operations Manager

Vanessa Rogers is the Operations Manager at Catalyst 14, and is here to support you whilst you are developing with us.

Vanessa looks after all logistics, including diary and venue management and production of materials. She has worked in operations and programme management for 10 years, previously for a global coach training consultancy. Prior to this, she held various L & D roles, as well as running her own training consultancy. Vanessa holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Learning and Development.

Having trained in mindfulness, it is something she uses regularly to support her own and her family’s resilience. Vanessa really enjoys working with our close knit team and values highly her relationships with participants and the team. She takes pride in providing the best service possible for our clients and is always looking for ways to improve our processes and service to benefit all. Vanessa is a keen gardener and amateur twitcher so can often be found pottering in her garden with a trowel and a camera. 

Vanessa Rogers

Juliette Middleton |Programme Manager

Prior to joining Catalyst 14, Juliette spent 5 years working as a Programme Manager with a global leadership and coaching consultancy. She also has a background in learning and development as well as running her own business providing childcare to families with multiples.

Juliette works alongside Vanessa and Sarah to support all our client and public courses.

Juliette is committed to ensuring that our clients have a seamless experience providing a high level of support as they train with Catalyst14.  Building strong relationships and providing logistical support for our clients is what Juliette enjoys most about her work.

Juliette is an excellent tap dancer and dresses up most weekends when government guidelines allow.

Dodie Noakes | Programme Manager and Accounts Administrator

Dodie Noakes works alongside Vanessa and Juliette as Programme Manager and Accounts Administrator. She oversees the logistics for various in-house programmes including our 1:2:1 Coaching and Supervision clients.

Prior to joining us, Dodie worked in various roles in operations and accounts administration, in a number of different environments.

Sarah Ratcliff| Programme Manager

Sarah Ratcliff works alongside Vanessa, Juliette and Dodie as Programme Manager to support our in-house clients.

Sarah is a trained coach and has also been working as a Covid19 vaccinator.  Before joining Catalyst 14 she had worked in operations and programme management for 10 years at a global leadership and coach training consultancy.  Prior to this she had various roles including as an Exhibition Manager for the food and drink industry and Fundraising Manager for a charity.

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