‘Everyday coaching conversations’ – training for Leaders and Managers

“If there was only the “right” way to do something, Fosbury would never have flopped.”

— John Whitmore

The art of a facilitative conversation to enhance performance of another is not simply the domain of professional coaches. Leaders and managers need a coaching skillset in their kitbag to use in everyday conversations.

We know from our experience in organisations that training leaders or managers to be ‘coaches’ does not achieve the goal of enabling better everyday conversations. We provide training that will aid them in the normal course of their work to undertake coaching style conversations with team members or colleagues.

We focus on the mindset and skillset a leader or manager would hold to have a less directive conversation, and to increase the awareness and responsibility of their team member.

Our ‘everyday coaching conversation’ programmes are bespoke and are framed to ensure they sit within wider skills development or culture change programmes in an organisation. We only partner with organisations where we believe our support will have long term value and deliver the change required.

Areas covered

Typical areas covered in ‘everyday coaching conversation’ programmes include:

  • Why use a coaching style — the personal and business benefits
  • Knowing when a coaching style would serve well
  • Beliefs underpinning a coaching style
  • Core skills (enhanced questioning, listening)
  • Simple models for a conversation
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Understanding of behavioural change

Programme format

Our ‘everyday coaching conversation’ programmes are a minimum of 2 days (usually split into separate days or half days), delivered via face-to-face and/or online learning.  

We can also support the organisation to further embed the learning with action learning sets or group coaching for participants during or post the formal learning modules.

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