Executive 1-to-1 coaching

Coaching is a means of enabling individual leaders to improve their performance by supporting them to recognise and develop their own capabilities, strengths, and resources

Our coaches will work with you within a protected and confidential space:

  • as a thinking partner to enable you to reflect on your objectives, learn and gain perspective
  • to develop clarity on what you want to achieve within your work and life
  • to fully explore and overcome the personal leadership challenges that have bought you to coaching
  • to stretch into your learning edges and identity as leader
  • to make sustainable changes to your leadership behaviour and maximise your impact within an organisation

They will also offer supportive challenge through their questions, feedback and observations in service of your learning and development.

Most of our 1 to 1 executive coaching programmes focus on one or a combination of these areas:

  • Developing a deep level of personal awareness and authenticity as a leader
  • Enhancing personal resilience and emotional intelligence
  • Navigating a role transition and establishing identity in a new role
  • Exploring significant career shifts and decision points
  • Developing executive presence and impact.

Our coaches may involve a 360-feedback process or psychometric tools to help drive out your development focus for the coaching if required.

They will also make use of 3-way contracting conversations between the coach, coachee and line manager /sponsor to help identify public goals for the coaching programme (and support the demonstration of ROI).

For some of our key clients we provide a managed coaching service for their leadership population and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

You can learn more about our executive coaches here.

More information about our executive coaching services

If you would like more information about our executive coaching services, or wish to discuss the particular needs of your organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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