Below you’ll find testimonials about Catalyst 14’s work in coach training, coaching, coach supervision, mindfulness training and facilitative leadership.

Feedback from organisations

  • “What keeps us coming back to Catalyst 14 is their people. The facilitators, their admin team and their leaders are a pleasure to work with; professionalism and commitment to the practice of coaching inform all their actions.” — Lou Miller, UCLH NHS Trust Coaching & Mentoring Lead

  • “Catalyst 14 have been both informative and insightful in the consultation and design of our LTA Coach Mentoring programme. The EMCC training provided by Damion Wonfor and Liz Palmer was excellent and equipped our coaches for the mentoring challenges ahead, with many of the coaches stating what a transformational impact it has had on their own personal CPD journeys. Alongside this they have provided ongoing tailored peer-supervision to keep the coaches learning and curious as the programme develops. This was alongside superb admin support throughout from Juliette and the team.” — Matt Smith, Coach Development and Learning Manager, Lawn Tennis Association

  • Catalyst 14 have empowered our teams across England and Wales to adopt a new approach to managing and developing staff.  We have learnt when the shift into coaching within supervision of staff can create deeper growth in individuals supporting them in creative problem solving that comes from within. Working with Catalyst 14 both in training and in leadership circles has increased the confidence of our management and brought peer mentoring that is safe and empowering underpinned by a growth approach and inspiring positive changes that will last. I would recommend working with Catalyst 14.”— Rebecca (Bex) Griffiths, Head of Barnardo’s National Counter Trafficking Service

  • “We have a long standing and trusted relationship with Catalyst14. Their robust training courses, CPD events and high quality supervision have helped us develop a strong cohort of internal coaches who deliver impactful coaching across our business. We are proud of this partnership and would highly recommend them.”— Fiona Coghiel, Learning and Talent Development Partner ( EMCC Coach Practitioner), City & Guilds

  • “Catalyst 14 is the most exceptional organisation for customer service, coaching skills delivery and leadership coaching. I have had the pleasure of working with Catalyst 14 for several years now and Damion and his team are fantastic to work with. Professional, caring, focused very much on the needs of the individual of organisational needs at all times as well as moving with cultural change and diversity. They provide all of our coaching services at NFU Mutual and the feedback we receive is constantly high and all participants return feeling engaged, energised, listened to and invested in.” — Debs Butler, Coaching & Mentoring Lead & Executive Coach, NFU Mutual
  • “Catalyst14 have supported the professional development of our internal coaches for the last few years. I have valued not only their professional delivery especially as we transitioned from face-to-face to online, but also their expert advice and consultancy as we have evolved our internal coaching service which is always above and beyond with a beautiful personal touch.” — Head of Coaching, National Talent Team: Network Rail
  • “For the last year, Catalyst14 has partnered with the Monster EMEA Leadership to enhance the coaching skills of the Monster senior leadership population. The benefit to our leadership team has been significant: our leaders confidence in their coaching skills has strengthened noticeably.
    The programmes have been engaging, stretching and of immediate practical use. They have focused on enhancing and embedding key skills and provided plenty of opportunities to practise and receive personal feedback. This has made a noticeable positive difference within the business.
    We look forward to a continued partnership with Catalyst 14 to further enhance the coaching culture of the Monster EMEA Leadership and realise the benefit this will bring to the wider organisation”  Matt Bowman, SVP Business Capability, Monster Energy

Coach Training testimonials

  • “The faculty is brilliant, and the course engaging and easy to follow. The live demonstrations between them were a mini master class and extremely helpful. Overall a terrific and exciting experience. I feel I am very much in “the right place” in terms of the professional learning; huge respect for the faculty and feel privileged to have been learning there.”
  • “I started the transformational diploma at Catalyst 14 a broken husk spat out of a 25-year-old career looking for a new direction. I am nearing the end of the course with new confidence, a breadth, depth and sophistication of skills beyond my wildest expectations and a burning desire to not only coach but also work with businesses to help them with restructuring. Damion and the team are intuitive, wildly knowledgeable, always human and exude a warmth and good humour that enhance their ambition, rigour and utter dedication to the profession they serve.”
  • “I really enjoyed the Introduction to the Fundamentals of Coaching workshop. The course was run at a perfect pace, with a good mix of practical work, information sharing and discussion.”
  • “The faculty is fabulous – so knowledgeable and such masters in their fields. It was like an art watching them doing the practical sessions for us to observe. They were also incredibly approachable – so forthcoming and helpful with advice and support. I am so delighted I booked onto the Catalyst 14 programme.”
  • “The course was brilliant. I thought the structure and pace was perfect and we covered such a huge amount of content over the two days. I thought the emphasis on experiential learning was great as it forced us to apply the models and framework we were learning about. I really feel confident now that I have the foundations with regards to my coaching toolkit.”

  • “Many thanks for the really stimulating and enjoyable course, it was my first real exposure to coaching and I learnt many valuable skills which I can incorporate into my work.”
  • “We learnt so many brilliant tools and from the experiential learning side, we were able to experience first hand the power and impact. It is always fascinating watching the demonstrations of the techniques – giving us an excellent understanding and appreciation of what we are working towards.”
  • “Great balance of practice, information and models, delivered with helpful examples and clever exercises to engage with the content.”
  • “Fantastic diversity of participants. Would recommend this to others and I’m looking forward to the next module and practicing my developing skill.”
  • “Year one completed, and now about to start the advanced course (year two) — with Catalyst 14 I feel part of a professional body, nurtured, connected and in a process of continual expansive learning. The webinars are coaching intelligence gold, and the retreat I attended in Ireland was a brilliant slice of enlightened embodiment. It’s easy to wax lyrical about Catalyst 14, I couldn’t be in a better place with my practice and my coaching career.”
  • “I was a little unsure how effective the virtual training sessions would be but the faculty members were adept at managing the online experience and showed the power of this approach to learning when in the right hands.”
  • “Outstanding. The quality of each module was excellent. It was fabulous to benefit from a range of experts, all with a different strength. We were very well supported as a group with excellent pre and post module communication and the provision of support resources such as reading materials and video clips to support our learning. Damion always created a safe place in which we could be courageous in our experimentation of new models in our coaching as well as providing a fabulous constant calm presence and on going advice and guidance as well as generous sharing of his expertise. My coaching has been transformed and I am very much enjoying being able to better serve my coachees in their transformational journeys.”
  • “Glad I chose Catalyst. I looked at others — thinking it would be a good idea to train with different outfits at different stages — but all roads came back to Catalyst. High quality, good value, personalised service.”
  • “The programme met every one of my objectives and more. The quality of the workshops whether virtual or face to face has been exceptional and the resources — ‘my coaching bible’ — are so rich with content. The group supervision sessions were such a great opportunity to reflect on myself and what I’d been experiencing; they helped me focus on what was important. Amazing support from the whole Catalyst 14 team. I really felt the whole team was connected and informed throughout the programme, questions and queries were responded to quickly by human beings. The facilitators held both credibility and humility in equal measure which built lasting trust. A huge thanks to the whole team for an engaging, immersive and life changing programme.”
  • “The programme content and delivery was first class. As a coach I was stretched from the comfortable to the uncomfortable with support and guidance from the faculty leaders. An opportunity to learn from coaching peers in the cohort is of great appreciation. Each module is explained and an opportunity to experiment is provided. An enjoyable learning experience where everyone can learn and experiment at their own pace with experienced support.”
  • “I would thoroughly recommend this Group Coaching course to any executive coach looking to expand their repertoire beyond their one to one work. Whilst being highly practical, the course (and the fabulous facilitators, Sarah and Damion) had a real depth to it. I enjoyed the whole experience and can’t wait to start bringing the benefits to my own clients!”
  • “I have used Catalyst14 for my professional coaching development and supervision for many years. The Advanced Diploma was an impactful, insightful and fun programme that enabled me to deepen my individual and team coaching practice. The group sessions were engaging and participative, using embodiment and systemic approaches. There was also time spent on mindful reflection. Indeed, the programme was more about myself as a coach than it was about acquiring new tools and models. It is clear that Catalyst14 care about the participants and in developing communities of coaches who feel supported and challenged. I have recommended this programme to coaches looking for the next stage of their professional development, and would not hesitate to do so again in the future.”
  • “Learning by doing, from esteemed and recognised professionals in the coaching business. Detailed, well organised and clear communications from the Catalyst 14 team set the tone for a great experience. What I learned academically and in hands on live practical experimentation and practice, completely changed my professional landscape. Doing the Advanced Diploma to attain EMCC Senior Practitioner elevated my knowledge and abilities, which in turn translated to the quality of my coaching and ongoing success. Essential learning for anyone seeking to create a robust coaching business.”
  • “Catalyst 14’s Advanced Diploma in Coaching was, like my previous Diploma with them, a bringing together of a diverse group of experienced coaches, with a shared warmth and curiosity. It’s also more than a one-off training – our cohort spirit is valued and alive long after our formal course, as well as a continued connection with the wider Catalyst faculty and CPD community. The content was the perfect extension of my integrative practice and nourished my interest in outdoor, creative and embodied approaches. I particularly loved the work we did in Richmond Park, on the seasons, and exploring issues through objects and floor papers, all of which I use centrally now, whether on zoom, indoor or outdoor.

    Their really thoughtfully-structured modules helped me deepen my presence, keep self-care as coach top of mind and bring really enjoyable ease into systemic work. Their strong focus on nature as a coaching canvas has become a hallmark of my approach and is hugely enjoyed by clients who have mostly never tried it before. I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to dive into these more unusual techniques, in a totally professional and effective way.”

One-to-one coaching testimonials

  • “I have received coaching from Damion intermittently over the last 3 years. During this time my skills as a senior leader have developed my leadership style and improved my levels of communication with all areas of my life. This includes my ability to listen at a much deeper level, converse in a more productive manner. I have moved from a ‘fix it’ approach to leadership to holding people more accountable and encouraging them to think for themselves. The excellent results within my professional environment have been commented on by all who work with me. I’m frequently asked to mentor new colleagues within the company. My emotional intelligence has also developed where I have a greater awareness of my own drivers and allows me to make choices rather than react to environments.
  • Damion has a natural presence and calmness that has enabled me to be more open and honest with my thought processes, fears and challenges within the coaching sessions. I never feel judged or reluctant to share. He manages to hold an environment that is warm, interested and curious without it intruding in to my space. Damion brings a dynamic that is positive, energetic and challenging when required. It never feels the questions or conversation is about his interests, always in service of stretching me.” – Regional Director, Service Industry

  • “The personal insight and progress I have made from my coaching experience with you have been very beneficial. We have explored in depth issues and beliefs that I have had since childhood. Your skills in ‘peeling the onion’ and challenging me to disclose personal information has really helped me to move on. I have quickly built up a trusted relationship with you and find your engaging and open approach very easy to derive benefit from. You allow sufficient time to really explore an issue enabling me to really understand it and identify changes that back up my belief that I’ve worked around a particular problem. Your patience and skill in getting to the small nuggets of evidence really help me to believe that permanent changes have been made. You encourage change and review the results!” – IT Business Manager, Aviation

  • “Having had 6 Executive coaching sessions with Damion I have been able to effectively explore a number of issues including ‘imposter syndrome’, role transition, mindfulness, personal impact and leadership. The work that I have done with Damion has had a material impact on my successful application for an interim role as well as the substantive appointment to my current role. Damion’s non-assuming and soft yet challenging style has enabled me to work through a number of issues, both as part of my Director development programme and in my transition to a new and highly sought after, if challenging role, and a role that I am delighted to be occupying.” – Exec Member, Healthcare

  • “The coaching allowed me time to step back and have some thinking time about my personal brand and how I can develop in a number of other areas such as credibility, emotional intelligence including empathy and my leadership style. It also helped me with some tools to structure my thinking and techniques I could use to help my team perform effectively too.

    Damion was excellent, he explained how the coaching would work, understood my challenges really quickly and helped me with my thought process around how I could overcome these. He was always available when I needed him and exceeded my expectations around the supporting materials he provided. I exceeded all my goals for the programme and transitioned successfully into my senior leadership role.” – Senior Leader, Financial Services

  • “Damion is an experienced and insightful coach. I find his calmness excellent for slowing down my thinking and for helping to me to focus on what is important. He follows my thoughts and his questioning focuses my thinking when it is muddled, allowing clarity to emerge. What I most appreciate about Damion is the strength of his presence. He makes me appreciate the qualities I have that I am overlooking. His supportive presence encourages me to believe in myself. He holds the coaching space with compassion creating a safe space where I can be open. He manages the edge between our relationship and challenge so I feel accountable and he always pushes my learning edge. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and I always leave with insights.” – Managing Partner, Professional Services

  • “Liz’s coaching style put me in the driving seat for analysing and finding solutions to the challenges I was facing. I have more confidence in myself in my Board position and in disagreeing with and challenging our CEO. Liz’s creative approach enabled me to step back and gain different perspectives and I have been able to use this approach for myself outside the coaching.” – Engineering Director, Logistics

  • “Liz has a very natural and evolving style of coaching which has challenged me to get out of my comfort zone. The insights, observations and challenging discussions we have are very rewarding, and are helping me understand myself at a deep level. Liz understands when I am being superficial and when I am really getting to the issue. If I am only scratching at the surface, Liz does not move on until we get to what is really going on. I have been able to understand my triggers, step back and manage them without them being constantly on my mind. Something I have not been able to do before.” – Quality Retail Director

  • “Liz’s style is non-judgemental and unassuming but also influential, opening my mind to thinking differently as well as being empowering. Over the course of several sessions, I felt able to rediscover myself on both a personal and professional level; and each session instilled greater confidence in my abilities again. I would highly recommend Liz as a coach – there really aren’t enough words to describe how much I have benefited from my coaching sessions with her” – Senior Healthcare Professional

Coach supervision testimonials

  • “Damion creates a climate of openness and trust with ease and really meets a client where they are, helping them to build without ever stepping in or on. He holds a safe and bright supervision space in which others are able to really look at themselves and their practice. He does this by being incredibly present, calm, curious, non-judgemental and expansive. He has a wonderful ability to connect with a person and what they are feeling. Some of the standout movements in our work together have come from his sharing what he was picking up, feeling or seeing by way of a metaphor, which really resonated with me and helped me to articulate something unspoken.

    His ability to hold things lightly, and bring them together where appropriate is great. He also always holds an eye on the unspoken and parts of the system that have not been named, which is incredibly insightful.

    We have worked together almost since I started coaching and have been on the journey with me, matching my need and giving me space to realise how and where I have grown. I can imagine him working with coaches of any level of experience and adding extreme value because of his ability to see and work with what is already there, as well as what is not and needs developing.“ – Internal Coach, Professional Services

  • “I had the pleasure of being introduced into the world of coaching by Damion in 2010. Mostly as a participant of his training courses – e.g. the ILM 7 and the MSc in Coaching and Development (the latter being one of the most transformative experiences I have had). My most recent experience of Damion has been his group coach supervision sessions for our internal coaches, and it is this experience that drives me to highly recommend him. Damion holds the group space in a way that supports each member to engage at a level that they can truly BE with their supervision topic. Damion is at peace with himself and this invites the group to be at peace with themselves too. His creative approach enlivens the supervision experience and one finds themselves tapping into their own inner wisdom and gaining insight in a most profound, yet uncomplicated way. Again an exceptionally transformative process that I highly recommend you experience!” – Internal Coach, NHS

  • “Damion has particularly helped me to take a systemic view of some of my coaching work. I really enjoy working in this way and it is particularly helpful to me as I am often coaching a number of people from the same team. He has helped me see when boundaries might be being crossed or challenged and to hold my integrity in coaching in these complex contexts.

    My sessions with Damion help me to notice when I may be holding a particular desire around outcomes for the coachee and may be in danger of taking too much responsibility. There have also been times when I have been able to unpack my own emotional responses to something that has arisen in a coaching session, which has always enabled me to find more helpful ways forward with that coachee.

    I have been coaching for over 15 years and have always had a supervisor. I would say that Damion’s particular skill is his ability to create a lot of space to allow me to work through things, often giving me some process, doing a lot of deep listening, asking questions that keep me noticing what I am thinking or feeling as I talk, and offering some insightful observations or sharing what he is experiencing and noticing. He works somatically a lot and I find this really helpful, staying with embodied experience and not getting into too much immediate analysis.” – Independent Coach

  • “The supervision conversations we’ve had really have given me a safe, confidential, reflective space to be honest and open, and work through some of the challenges and dilemmas I have come across. It’s also allowed me a space to normalise some of the experiences I have had and see them from a different viewpoint. Damion’s style and approach always leaves responsibility with me to use the data he helps me access, and he allows me to direct the conversation to the areas that are important to me. He really helps me to get underneath what is really going on. I really enjoy and look forward to my supervision sessions as I have learnt a great deal and try and put this into my own coaching practice. His use of mindfulness and grounding exercises at the beginning of sessions have often really helped me to get into much more of a present state to be ready for learning. The feedback he gives is always given with the intention of raising my awareness and he leaves choice with me as to what I do next. I particularly like the use of systemic methods when we have worked this way. He is a great role model and uses his coaching and supervision skills with great compassion and ease.” – Internal Coach, NHS

  • “Damion has been, and continues to be, a critical support for me and my coaching practice. His training and supervision capabilities are outstanding due to his breadth of experience, integrity and overarching commitment to mindfulness which underpins his entire professional practice. I feel lucky to have met and been guided by Damion.” – Independent Coach

Mindfulness testimonials

  • “I recently completed a mindfulness programme with Damion. Throughout the sessions I found him to be highly knowledgeable in this area as well as open about his own practice and the impact for him personally. I appreciated his abundant patience in allowing me space to think through the underpinning principles as well as my own experiential application and reflection. Damion takes a very practical stance which suits those who may be less interested in the theoretical, even spiritual, underpinnings as well as engaging those, like myself, who are.” – Occupational Psychologist and Executive Coach

  • “I attended Damion’s 8-week course. I found his encouragement, support and wisdom invaluable. He skillfully holds a space where insights and learning can occur. Each week he introduced a new mindfulness practice, which at the end of the training I appreciate as it gives me greater choice in my practice. The list of benefits of regular mindfulness are too many to list here, however, for me I found the expansiveness in my thinking and the stillness I experience have supported me both in my work as a coach and in my life overall.” – Executive Coach and Trainer

  • “I worked with Damion as one of the participants on an 8-week mindfulness programme. I found his style to be very pragmatic and at the same time insightful and inspiring. The mindfulness exercises we worked with were varied and enabled me to generate enhanced personal insight and a sense of wellbeing and resilience. I believe my mindfulness journey has begun again and I am very grateful to Damion for how he has made a difference.” – Managing Partner, Professional Services

  • “I’ve had the great privilege of having Damion as my mindfulness guide and coach / trainer. He has been a guiding force in allowing me to elevate how I use and benefit from mindfulness. Mindfulness is not just about sitting in a quiet place. As you become more practiced and experienced of ‘being’ mindful, it extends naturally to all parts of your working and social life. Through his excellent direction and insight, Damion has provided growth and space which helps me best understand, experience and live mindfulness.”- Independent Coach and Consultant

  • “Since completing the MBSR course with Damion I’ve had a number of significant life shifts. I’ve noticed that the space between me experiencing something difficult and my reaction has lengthened, where I’m able to step back from it and start to process it in a different way than before. I’ve taken up a more regular yoga practice also, as a result of finding peace in the mindful movement practices particularly. I’ve also noticed that I’ve experienced no significant pain episodes, where previously these would be more regular. These are outcomes I hadn’t expected and are very welcome.

    Damion has a wonderful presence and holds the space for the group with ease. His calming and gently inquiring nature provides an ideal backdrop for your own learning and development as the course progresses. I’m very grateful to him and the course for the time we had together and so pleased I decided to sign up.” – Independent Coach

  • “I recently completed the 8 week virtual MBSR programme with Damion at Catalyst 14. My experience has been transformational; I know this is often a misused word and I have reflected before using it. I am sticking with the word that surfaced for me – one of the many things I have learnt working with Damion is to trust what arises.

    My experience of working with Catalyst 14 has been easy from start to finish – all logistical details arrive in a clear and timely fashion, the website and supporting materials are of a very high standard and the actual sessions food for the soul. I have grown my self-awareness about my relationship with stress and being busy and have a range of practices that I now choose from on a daily basis. My mindfulness practice has developed and I am noticing that I am keeping my practice going beyond the programme.

    My initial reason for the programme was a part of my journey to become a mindfulness practitioner within my coaching work, it turned out to be so much more. I can’t recommend the team at Catalyst 14 enough.” – Independent Coach

Group Coaching Skills testimonials

  • “I have recommended this course to lots of fellow coaches already. It was a really enjoyable week and a rich learning experience – the perfect mix of challenge and support.”

  • “The group coaching workshop exceeded my expectations in every way. It was both practical and transformative. I gained a great deal from the workshop’s highly experiential methodology and internalised the learning in many ways. The two wonderful and highly skilled coaches, Damion Wonfor and Sarah Rozenthuler, expertly created a safe, engaging and inspiring environment for us to learn, practice, reflect and grow, individually and as a group. Their extensive knowledge, experience and passion for their field was evident in every aspect of the workshop. The frameworks, strategies and principles I learned are highly applicable and have provided me with valuable tools for coaching, facilitating and training others. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this workshop and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking to excel as a coach, facilitator and/or trainer.”

  • “I cannot express enough appreciation for the exceptional quality of the group coach training provided by Damion and Sarah. Their unwavering commitment to fostering a safe and nurturing environment allowed us to embark on a transformative learning journey with absolute ease. Throughout the training, both trainers demonstrated their deep expertise, skilfully guiding us through practice sessions that empowered us to apply our new found knowledge. The three days spent in this training was nothing short of remarkable, and it was with a tinge of reluctance that we bid farewell to this transformative experience. The practical skills acquired during the training are invaluable, as they can be immediately implemented within my professional work. Furthermore, the profound sense of camaraderie fostered among the participants will undoubtedly endure, leaving an indelible mark on my personal and professional journey. Damion and Sarah’s attentive approach and unwavering support have not only imparted valuable knowledge but have also shown genuine care for our growth and development as individuals and as a collective. Their dedication to our success was evident in every aspect of the training, leaving a lasting impression that goes beyond mere instruction. I wholeheartedly recommend their training to anyone seeking an enriching and transformative experience that will undoubtedly leave an enduring impact.”

  • “I would thoroughly recommend this Group Coaching course to any executive coach looking to expand their repertoire beyond their one to one work. Whilst being highly practical, the course (and the fabulous facilitators, Sarah and Damion) had a real depth to it. I enjoyed the whole experience and can’t wait to start bringing the benefits to my own clients!”

  • “Many companies are still struggling to integrate a culture of coaching in their organisation. Catalyst 14 has now provided me with the tools , practice and insight I need to bring one on one and group coaching techniques to the next level at my organisation . This is in my opinion a critical element required to retain and engage talent and employee wellbeing . Excellent programmes!”


  • “The coaching retreat was like everything else organised by Catalyst 14, exceptional. Organisation, communication, content, delivery and participation all beautifully executed. The investment in attending in every sense I see these opportunities as a necessary part of the replenishing and learning process for self in order to reenergise and recalibrate. Highly recommended”

  • “This retreat was amazing. Damion and Nicola held the space with such warmth, gentleness, kindness, presence, and with the extraordinary depth and breadth of their experience, which enabled us to go deeply into life-changing enquiries and emerge in a better place. It was such a gift, both personally and professionally.”

  • “The retreat was very rewarding in terms of my learning. I took away an understanding of myself that I wouldn’t have got otherwise. I feel more grounded about who I am as a result.”

CPD testimonials

  • “Excellent content, expert speakers, beautifully organised.”

  • “The content of every session was fabulous. The break out discussions were nourishing and helped support learning. Also great to network. I thought a full day on zoom maybe too much but the whole day was so rich and inspiring it flew by. I felt privileged to be part of this wonderful community.”

  • ”The sessions were very interesting with valuable information! It was also great to meet new people.”

  • “The event was beautifully organised, with an elegant balance of ideas, techniques, interaction, networking and space.”

  • “Excellent facilitation of the sessions. All the session hosts had so much to share about their topics. I loved all the sessions I went to, learnt a lot and felt really empowered and inspired to put my learning back into practice. It was also great to re-connect and connect with other coaches and immerse myself in the day. There were lots of opportunity to speak in small groups. The whole event flowed really well in the virtual environment we were working in. Such a well thought out, well planned and well executed day. I felt so resourced when I left the day. Thank you.”

  • “Really enjoyed the variety and networking possibility within this online event. Really well organised and some excellent content thanks.”

Reconnect, Deepen and Practice Sessions

  • “A brilliant opportunity for experienced coaches to be observed in practice and get detailed feedback on their strengths and growth areas, throughout a supportive and structured day. I can’t recommended these days highly enough to anyone wishing to maintain the high quality, learning edge and joy of their practice.”

  • “The Reconnect, Deepen and Practice session truly exceeded my expectations and was exactly what I needed for my confidence and growth as a coach at this moment. Although I was the only participant who had not previously done a Catalyst 14 coaching diploma, from the beginning I felt comfortable, safe and accepted with a lovely group of fellow coaches. The day provided an invaluable opportunity to coach and be coached and receive feedback in a really supportive and positive way. Damion and Liz were excellent facilitators and I particularly appreciated and learnt from the session they modelled using the miniature metaphors. As well as a great day of learning and practice, the session reminded me that coaching can be playful and creative and deepened my commitment to carry on developing as I launch my coaching business.”

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