Coach CPD

“The only journey is the journey within.”

— Rainer Maria Rilke

Being a professional coach offers you a lifetime of learning. That is what is both incredibly exciting and challenging; as coaches, we are always meeting our development edges within the work we do with our clients.

As the father of psychosynthesis, Roberto Assagioli said, “Your potential is always unmanifest,” — in other words, we will never achieve our potential. As coaches, it is always unfolding and growing as we develop ourselves more and more.

Once we realise this, we understand that Continuing Professional Development (CPD) becomes as important as the coaching work we deliver. 

Catalyst 14 is passionate about coaching CPD and providing you with experiential and impactful opportunities that enable you to hone your craft as a coach — these are split into three categories:

  • Developing your capability
  • Developing your resourcefulness and capacity
  • Developing your professional practice

Please see below for links to all the relevant developmental opportunities for each category.

Coaching CPD

Developing your capability


Our ‘annual gathering’ online CPD event

Our next ‘Annual Gathering’ takes place on 21 June 2024. The theme will be the ‘Art of Coaching’ and during the event, we will be offering a variety of online CPD sessions.

Group coaching CPD

Group coaching skills

Group coaching programmes are on the rise within organisations as they provide an effective way of maximising the impact of the coaching provision and return on investment.

Our 3-day Group Coaching Skills workshop aims to develop competent and confident coaches and support them in adding group coaching skills to their 1-to-1 Coaching practice.

Reconnect, Practise and Deepen sessions

Reconnect, Practise and Deepen sessions

Working as a coach can be a lonely experience, and once you have completed your qualification, it can be difficult to get ongoing, high-quality feedback on your practice with which to hone and extend your skills as a coach and meet with a strong peer group.

Our ‘Reconnect, Deepen and Practise’ sessions aim to meet these needs and provide you with opportunities to stretch and develop new skills and approaches.

Coaching CPD webinars

Monthly bite sized free CPD sessions

Every month we provide our alumni and other professional coaches with bite sized CPD sessions — 30 minute webinars delivered by our faculty team and other leading experts from the field of leadership and executive coaching. We also provide a wide range of coaching videos and webinar recordings on our YouTube channel.

Online masterclasses

This year, we are offering online masterclasses with guest faculty. These have been developed as a result of interest from our alumni in exploring key coaching topics in more depth.

Developing your resourcefulness and capacity

Free weekly guided mindfulness sessions

To deepen your resourcefulness and presence as a Coach, and to help you pause and reset at the start of each week, we offer a free guided online mindfulness practice most Mondays at 8am UK (GMT) time. Each mindfulness practice will last up to 30 minutes.

Mindfulness retreats

We offer a variety of mindfulness retreats as public courses. These take place in and around London, and range from half-day sessions to 3-day residential retreats.

Developing your professional practice

Coaching supervision

Coaching supervision

We support your professional practice by providing 1-to-1 supervision services, along with opportunities to join a supervision group.

Get in touch about coach CPD

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