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“I first experienced the work of Catalyst14 through its delivery to the Premier League Coaching Team. It was immediately clear that the transformational coaching and mentoring programme is the perfect way to further develop elite high-performance coaches and leaders to the next level of effectiveness — not only because of the challenging and contextual content but also the excellent delivery of Damion and his Catalyst14 faculty. Following this learning experience, I was determined to introduce Catalyst14 to the high-performance coaching fraternity at the Lawn Tennis Association where the company was superbly received by the coaches. These days, Catalyst14  programmes are my go-to recommendation to develop sports leaders in my role as Head of Performance Strategy at Chelsea FC.” — Simon Jones, Head of Performance, Chelsea FC

Catalyst 14 has worked with individuals and organisations in Elite Sport since 2009, enabling sports leaders, coach developers and coaches to develop a more transformational leadership style in the way they develop others.

We partner organisations that wish to develop the mentoring and coaching capability of Leaders, Coaches and other staff members, impacting their everyday development and performance conversations.  We also enable organisations to develop mentoring pools to support CPD and Coach Development. This includes the delivery of accredited mentoring development programmes and ongoing support through CPD and Peer Supervision sessions.

All our mentoring and coaching programmes are accredited with the EMCC Global and are bespoke, designed specifically for the client in response to their individual needs. We base our work on a series of tested and proven templates that have been created from our experience in delivering similar programmes . This is complemented by the learning we have gained in undertaking work with a wide range of Elite Sport clients in developing leaders and coach developers.

“Catalyst 14 have been both informative and insightful in the consultation and design of our LTA Coach Mentoring programme. The EMCC training provided by Damion Wonfor and his team was excellent and equipped our coaches for the mentoring challenges ahead, with many of the coaches stating what a transformational impact it has had on their own personal CPD journeys. Alongside this they have provided ongoing tailored peer-supervision to keep the coaches learning and curious as the programme develops. This was alongside superb admin support throughout from Juliette and the team.”— Matt Smith, Coach Development and Learning Manager, Lawn Tennis Association

Some of the key learning outcomes of our courses include: 

  • Developing skills that will empower others to drive their own performance
  • Developing coaching and mentoring competencies as a facilitator of change
  • Deeper understanding of how people learn and change
  • Learning the psychology of those you lead and develop
  • Developing your coaching leadership style
  • Learning how to structure effective development and performance conversations
  • Deepening your self awareness and presence within development conversations
  • Developing advanced listening skills and empathy
  • Learning insightful questioning skills
  • Enabling you to consciously blend coaching, mentoring and leadership conversations
  • Learning how to build and set effective expectations for a mentoring relationship and manage these over time
  • Integration of key concepts and models that facilitate behavioural and personal change
  • Building of flexibility within performance and development conversations to use a more inquiry-based or instructional style
  • Learning how to manage relational dynamics within leadership, coaching and mentoring conversations
  • Developing capacity to deliver impactful behavioural feedback
  • Integrating strengths-based development approaches

Testimonials about our elite sport coaching training

“The Diploma in Transformational Coaching, led by Damion Wonfor and his outstanding team at Catalyst14 has been the most impactful learning experience of my professional life. I feel better equipped now to help others (as well as myself) to rise to their potential. I have no hesitation in recommending this programme and Catalyst14 to anyone involved in the development of people in Elite Sport” —Gordon Lord, Elite Coach Developer

“I started the Online Diploma in Transformational Coaching to pursue a new challenge and to enhance how I support the growth and excellence of the young people, coaches and support staff that I work with. It was important to me that the course was robust, accredited and led by experienced facilitators. I have found that the online delivery and resources portal has allowed me to fit the programme alongside my role, the varying schedule and frequent travel. The resources that support the learning are excellent, but it’s the knowledgeable faculty that bring that content to life with engaging and challenging workshops and tasks, whilst setting a safe space for us all to learn and grow. I also appreciate the opportunity to be sharing this journey with people from a wide range of industries in the cohort, it really adds to the richness of the experience and the peer to peer learning. Thank you to the Catalyst 14 team!” — Rebecca Hembrough, Performance Manager Women’s Golf, England Golf

“I started my coaching journey with the Foundation in Transformational Coaching course with Catalyst 14 then 2 years later completed the Diploma programme. I can’t speak highly enough of the outstanding programme and the team. The content and course delivery provided by Damion Wonfor and Liz Palmer was informative and insightful delivered with understanding and flexibility, given the nature of my job in high performance sport. It has had a huge impact on getting to know myself, providing space for reflective practice (loved the mindfulness module) and learning to understand and empower others both individually and in teams. I have to say I was out of my comfort zone so many times but with the support of the team, in a safe, professional, supportive and inspiring positive learning environment, my coaching confidence grew. The ongoing CPD, supervision opportunities and annual gatherings are testament to the customer ‘after service’provision. A huge thank you to the team, I would whole heartedly recommend working with Catalyst 14.” — Dawn Peart, Head of Performance Team Development & Planning,  x4 Olympic Team Manager British Swimming

‘I have had the pleasure of working with Catalyst 14 through an accreditation and diploma course. Every module provided me with the opportunity to challenge myself and my working practices. Liz and Damion are incredible teachers who allow us to explore topics more deeply. The courses have given me the confidence to explore coaching as my main profession as I realise that people development is my passion. I am very grateful to the whole team at Catalyst 14.’ — Kate Warne‑Holland, National Age Group Coach, Lawn Tennis Association

Video: reflections on coaching within elite sport

In the below webinar, Damion is in discussion with elite sport coach and coach developer Simon Jones. During their conversation, they discuss Simon’s reflections and learning from coaching within elite sport as well as future trends. They also reflect on the similarities and differences between coaching within elite sport and business.

YouTube video

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