Executive team coaching

The central principles that underpin our team programmes are that the skills and behaviours implicit in building an effective senior team cannot be developed at a single event.  We believe that the opportunity to apply the learning in the real world — to review and adapt — is essential if new behaviours and team disciplines are to be sustained.

For maximum impact and to create an effective ROI, our structure for a team coaching programme consists of a 1 day kick-off event followed by a minimum of 4 days coaching sessions. (Our team coaching sessions usually take place once every 4-6 weeks as part of normal team meetings.)

Our experience suggests that while all teams and their environments are different, the fundamental ingredients of senior team effectiveness remain similar.

They include:

  • Actions and Results: to create sustainable results so that the team can deliver a change programme, the team needs to engage in coordinated action (the ‘What’).
  • Relationship Dynamics: those actions will only be successful over time if the ‘team dynamic’ is conductive to the co-ordination that is required in how action is taken in completing the task (the ‘You’, ‘Me’ and ‘Us’).
  • Identity, Vision and Purpose: the team needs to be clear on how it responds to staff, to stakeholders, and how it is ‘showing up’ — that is to say, its values, purpose and ‘identity’ as a team (the ‘Why’).
  • Sustainability: to sustain high performance, the team needs to create a learning rhythm that enables development to be sustained over time (the ‘When’).
  • Leadership: all of the above is underpinned by an understanding of what real leadership from the team and team members means in its current context (the ‘How’).

As part of our team coaching provision, we recommend that the leader of the team receives 1 to 1 Executive Coaching. This can be extended to the other team members too.

More information about our team coaching services

If you would like more information about our team coaching programme, or wish to discuss the particular needs of your organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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