About Juliette Middleton

Prior to joining Catalyst 14, Juliette spent 5 years working as a Programme Manager with a global leadership and coaching consultancy. She also has a background in learning and development as well as running her own business providing childcare to families with multiples.

Juliette works alongside Vanessa Rogers and Sarah Ratcliff to support all our client and public courses.

Juliette is committed to ensuring that our clients have a seamless experience providing a high level of support as they train with Catalyst14.  Building strong relationships and providing logistical support for our clients is what Juliette enjoys most about her work.

As well as being a regular tap dancer, Juliette has a passion for music so can often be found at 80’s festivals, pop concerts and pubs with live bands.

Juliette Middleton
Juliette Middleton