Boaz Safier

Boaz is an executive coach who draws on over 20 years’ experience working in a ‘Big Four’ accountancy firm.

Following an early career as a Chartered Accountant, he has spent over a decade in Learning and Development. During this time, he has designed and facilitated various leadership development programmes to support individuals discover their unique strengths, develop their self awareness and stretch their leadership.

As an in-house executive coach for over 7 years, Boaz has accumulated hundreds of hours coaching experience in 1:1, team and group settings.

Boaz works with curious, talented individuals at various leadership levels within organisations. Those who choose to work with Boaz often have a sense that there is something getting in the way of their fulfilment or ability to step into their potential. Although aware of this, they often don’t know what to do about it.

He works creatively, with warmth and potent challenge to support his clients in gaining greater clarity, a renewed sense of purpose and a greater level of confidence. He also brings an appreciation of the complexity and pressure of working within corporate environments; his clients tell him they value the challenge, perspective, and psychological insight he brings.

Boaz has a particular interest in working with individuals to challenge limiting beliefs and thinking patterns. He enjoys working with those who wish to explore their leadership style and those transitioning into new leadership roles.

Boaz Safier

“I work with curious, talented individuals supporting them in gaining greater clarity, a renewed sense of purpose and a greater level of confidence”

— Bryan Sampson


  • Boaz is an EMCC Accredited Senior Practitioner Coach.
  • He holds a Team Coaching Certificate (AoEC) and is accredited in a number of psychometrics, including: Hogan, EQi 2.0, MBTI (step I and II).
  • Boaz is also a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

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