Bryan Sampson

Bryan is a leadership development professional and coach whose focus is working with senior leaders and teams to accelerate their collective performance. His interests include individual and team coaching and facilitating events and programmes. He drives change through insight, positive support, and disruption
in a safe yet productive environment.

His passion is supporting clients to evolve their thinking, beliefs, and behaviours while creating an effective cadence that becomes self-sustaining for the future. Having worked with large and FTSE 100 companies to small start-up’s, charities, and consultancies he uses his experience, acumen, and personal style to challenge norms and agitate thinking.

Bryan is focused on delivering shifts in performance. This is achieved by working with teams and individuals and partnering on pragmatic solutions that work in practice and easily become integrated routines and habit.

His areas of Specialism are Team performance, development, and coaching, Psychometric assessment and feedback, Individual coaching and Leadership
programmes, workshops, and events.

Bryan Sampson

“Pragmatic and client-centred, with a focus on delivering performance changes. Challenging yet supportive and positive, with an emphasis on self-learning through insight, experimentation, and feedback.”

— Bryan Sampson


  • Bryan is qualified in Senior executive coaching [AoEC] with a Master Practitioner in NLP coaching.
  • He has both a Masters in Business [MBA] and in Team coaching [MSc.]
  • He also has experience in Systemic team coaching and Psychometrics & Diagnostics (Myers Briggs [MBTI], Motivation [MQ], Personality [OPQ], Emotional Intelligence [EQi 2.0], Hay Leadership Styles & Climate and Team Connect 360.

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