Embodied Coaching – The Transformational Power of Being Consciously Embodied with Monica Ross

Monica Ross

In our Post-Covid world where fatigue and overwhelm have become the new normal, the capacity to remain aware and fully present in an embodied way offers a transformational path to personal and professional sustainability.

Coaches and Supervisors who are committed to self-cultivation, self-care and regular practices to raise self and systemic awareness bring a quality of presence that supports their clients to access space, clarity and a renewed sense of agency even in the midst of upheaval.

In this highly experiential and interactive session, Monica will draw on practical exercises and resources from the field of Embodied Leadership and other embodied and energy modalities to support participants to explore challenging situations and gain greater resourcing for themselves and their clients.

About Monica Ross

Monica is an Embodied Leadership Coach and Coaching Supervisor.  Drawing on her considerable experience in the field of somatics and energy psychology, she supports Leaders and Coaches to connect to a deep sense of purpose and to develop authentic presence which increases their personal impact and influence. By accessing greater awareness and alignment, her clients become more inclusive. Through practices of mindfulness and embodiment they can become more centered and resilient in the midst of organizational flux.

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