Facilitating change and embodied systemic Team Coaching with Social Presencing Theatre | Jenny McKewn

Jenny McKewn

Join us for a session of Social Presencing Theatre (SPT) and an exploration of its applications to team coaching. SPT is form of movement practice which has emerged in partnership with Theory U and is the embodied manifestation  of Theory U. It brings to the surface a clearer sense of the relationships, hidden dynamics, and emerging possibilities inherent in any individual, team or system. SPT is a method to make visible both current reality, and deeper – often invisible – leverage points for creating profound change. It uses simple body postures and movements to dissolve limiting concepts, to communicate directly and to access intuitive and embodied knowing. 

The Social Presencing Theatre Session PT will:

  • be lively, active and engaging
  • give a brief introduction to SPT and it’s close link to Theory U
  • offer an experience of SPT approaches including the Stuck activity
  • enable you to access your intuitive and embodied knowing.
  • share the ways in which we apply Social Presencing Theatre to team coaching, facilitating change and providing embodied team systemic coaching in commercial, public sector and charitable organisations

No previous experience of movement practice is required.  As far as possible, wear loose comfortable clothing .  All activities are made fully accessible to all participants

About Jenny McKewn

Jenny is a creative catalyst, embodied systemic coach, consultant, trainer and author.  She encourages organisations, teams and individuals to transform in response to the needs of the future and of the wider environment. Recent clients have included a government department, a corporate company and a charity.

She embraces holistic learning — facilitating with nature, ceremony and deep process as well as aiming for practical,  measurable outcomes.  She has trained extensively with the U.Lab, especially with Arawana Hayashi (founder of SPT) and with Bert Hellinger (founder of Constellations). She leads a Focussed training in embodied systemic coaching, constellations and 4D mapping and a Co creative Leadership programme. She also teaches for Catalyst 14 and Schumacher College.

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