Growing Your Coaching Business with Sherwyn Singh

Sherwyn Singh

I have a sales funnel? I can make it better? How?

Many coaches have declared that they are not great at selling. Not being able to sell well hurts numerous aspects of the business, including revenue and confidence in the offering. 

In a post-Covid-19 world, many changes have altered the status quo forever. These changes may be advantageous to coaches because more people are now aware of and engaging in ‘helping’ services. However, with more relationships being initiated remotely and more sales currently being closed remotely, the original strain of attracting leads and converting them into paying customers has become even trickier.

Over the session we will look at how you can improve your lead generation system and your sales process. Creating improvements will generate more confidence and clarity in your brand and offerings at the time of the sale. This will reduce the risk of leads abandoning their purchase with you.

About Sherwyn Singh

Sherwyn is the founder of Hypergrowth•Buzz, a growth-consulting firm that works mainly with purpose-driven high-growth companies. He reinvents sales ecosystems and supports leadership teams to drive growth. He is a seasoned business mentor and consultant. He has held commercial roles as well as key leadership roles in corporate Human Resources and consulting. 

Sherwyn has a keen interest in professional services. He spends much of his time working with law firms, coaching and consulting firms, and Value-Added IT Resellers and integrators.

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