Growing your Coaching Business – Win better-fit clients easier with Sherwyn Singh

Sherwyn Singh
Sherwyn Singh

Better-fit clients pay more, create juicier projects, are more forgiving and fun, are more likely to use more/all of you and are more likely to respond well to the way YOU work and coach.

When you’re a coach or consultant or you run a professional services practice, winning new business is not the only thing that matters. The quality and nature of that work is also of great importance. Each client must be able to give a great testimonial, the work should be engaging and inspiring and enjoyable for you. You must also know beforehand that the client knows how YOU coach and wants that particular style/process. We call this sort of client a ‘better-fit’.

Most purchasers of coaching are not very sophisticated shoppers. Many go with recommendations or with coaches that they have used before, even though their situations might have changed greatly, and new or different coaches might be better suited to help them achieve their objectives.

Here is an opportunity to serve while you sell. To create a mini-experience which qualifies the prospective new client in a more detailed and contextual manner, while giving them a feel for how you work and what you do. This creates a ‘Better-Fit’ and distinguishes you from the competition.

During this session Sherwyn will share a simple system to create this ‘better-fit’ mini-experience in your sales process. This system may also be used to create stand-alone digital products (no, not an online course in the way you might know it.) It’s not all talk — you’ll play at building your own system too.

About Sherwyn Singh

Sherwyn is the founder of Hypergrowth•Buzz, a growth-consulting firm that works mainly with purpose-driven high-growth companies. He reinvents sales ecosystems, supports leadership teams and incorporates technology to drive growth. He is a Business Mentor on an expert panel for the Premier League and supports university-based entrepreneurship programmes at Masters and PhD level in South Africa, Kenya and Malaysia. He has held commercial roles as well as key leadership roles in corporate Human Resources and consulting. 

He has a keen interest in professional services. He spends much of his time working with Law firms, Coaching and Consulting firms, and Value-Added IT Resellers and Integrators.

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