Internal Coaches and Team Coaching with Clare Allen

Clare Allen

Many internal coaches find themselves drawn to working with teams within their organisation, recognising the power of supporting teams to be high performing in a world where collaboration is key.

In this session, we are bringing together a panel of experienced coaches who have worked as internal team coaches. They will share their thoughts and experiences of how internal coaches can effectively support teams and the opportunities and challenges this brings for both the organisation and the coaches. We will explore:

• Sponsorship and identifying teams
• Establishing the boundaries of the work and clarity of what team coaching can bring
• Working with the team leader
• Building safety and trust with the coach
• How to enable internal coaches to undertake this type of work
• Working virtually and in future hybrid spaces with teams

The session will be interactive, thought provoking and will be grounded in the practical application of working in this space as internal coaches.

About Clare Allen
Clare has over 18 years’ experience as an internal coach having set up, nurtured and led the Coaching provision at one of the ‘Big 4 ‘Accountancy firms. Clare is passionate about internal coaching programmes achieving success for the individual and the organisation and has experienced many shifts in how programmes have been used and run.

During her internal coaching career, Clare always maintained a role as a practicing internal coach as well as developing a team of professional coaches working alongside her. This hands-on experience enables her to understand the complexities of an internal coaching role.

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