Invitation To The Music – The Transpersonal Note In Coaching with Karyn Prentice

Karyn Prentice

“It is as though we’d been living for many, many years in a foreign country, having to learn the language of that people: then suddenly we hear the voice of our homeland.”

Barbara Somers

An invitation to tune in!
The word ‘transpersonal’ has become an umbrella term for naming that experience where consciousness extends beyond (trans) the individual or personal. It can also be described as inhabiting the wider spaces within one’s being.

Working with a transpersonal lens is to stand in the interface between the outer world with all its demands of the here and now and the internal world of the individual which is rich with symbols, stories, images and dreams that hint at the wisdom that lie within us if we look with the heart and soul.

Deepening your practice
With the transpersonal in mind, a coach is like a musician tuning to a frequency that is often missed but the music is pure and goes to the heart. We know our song when we hear it and have the call to come home to ourselves even more fully.

Our session will be a safe, fun, experiential and interactive space where we will explore different ways the transpersonal may sound its note. We will explore:

  • three concepts of the transpersonal and their application in coaching
  • the bonus it offer our clients
  • an invitation to a wider and deeper resource for the practitioner

About Karyn Prentice
Karyn Prentice has been a senior faculty member at the Coaching Supervision Academy International Ltd for over 15 years and is part of the Catalyst 14 teaching team. She is a seasoned coach, supervisor, teacher and writer. Together with Elaine Patterson (and their partnership of Patterson Prentice Designs) she has brought creativity to the world of leadership and professional practice. Karyn was also an accredited transpersonal psychotherapist for 25 years. She is the author of “Nature’s Way, designing the life you want through the lens of Nature and the Five Seasons.”

“It is as though he listened and such listening as his enfolds us in a silence in which, at last, we begin to hear what we are meant to be.”

Lao Tsu

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