Looking through a TA ‘lens’ to aid our self-awareness (authenticity), wellbeing and practice as coach with Sandra Goddard

Sandra Goddard

In the 1950s, Eric Berne developed the principles, concepts and practice of Transactional Analysis (TA) as a therapeutic intervention in direct response to his criticism of the then prevalent approach to psychoanalysis and a ‘medical model’ approach.

As with many psychotherapies, aspects of TA have risen out of the purist therapeutic domain and have been applied within a coaching context with development in mind (rather than pathology).

Sampling some of the key concepts (e.g. Ego States, Drivers/Working Styles, Drama Triangle, Winners Triangle), we will explore how we can apply them to our own ‘in action’ and ‘on action’ self-reflections with positive and healthy intent.

As an interactive session, there will be time to experience the impact for you as a coach – through self-reflection exercises, paired and/or small group work. We will also look at how you can weave elements of this approach into your own work with clients.

The intent is to provide space for us all to ‘play’ and experiment with TA and how it may serve in furthering our authenticity and wellbeing as coaches.

About Sandra Goddard

Sandra is an experienced executive and team coach, coach supervisor and coach trainer. She has known and worked with Damion and Liz for many years. As a faculty member within Catalyst 14, she is heavily involved in the coach accreditation process and supporting programme participants through this.

Her interest in TA started in 2002 as an integral part of team and individual coaching and this has gained traction ever since. Sandra blends her use of TA with other creative approaches to help coach supervisees and coachees explore beneath the surface.

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