Our Innate Creativity – A Compass To Find Our Flourishing with Elaine Patterson and Karyn Prentice

Karyn Prentice
Elaine Patterson

Creativity is our birth right – but this often gets forgotten or overlooked in the life’s busyness rush. Like a rose opening in heat of full summer, we invite you to open up to the unique gifts and treasures of your own innate and warm-hearted creativity. 

Our session will be a safe, fun, experiential and interactive space where you can find your own unique ways to create to flourish and explore

  • how you can start to answer the call to your inner artistry
  • the core practices which can support you to be more in tune with your own intimate process of discovery to find the extra-ordinary in the ordinary, to play as if no one is watching, and to say ‘yes’ with real gusto to our own complex, beautiful creative selves.

We will invite you to journey with us through the 8 cardinal points of a Compass Rose to find your flourishing. We will also share what we have learned about creating to flourish from our students on our year long Diploma journey as they explored their own creative voice and dived into a deeper appreciation of the ebbs and flows of the creative process.

About Elaine & Karyn

Karyn Prentice and Elaine Patterson are Senior Faculty at the Coaching Supervision Academy International Ltd. They are seasoned coaches, supervisors and writers. Together they are Patterson Prentice Designs an award-winning team bringing their creativity to the world of leadership and professional practice.

They launched a ground breaking EMCC Global EQA Accredited Diploma programme called ‘Cultivating and Choreographing the Rich Tapestry of Whole Hearted Creativity’ which is now in its second year and in production as their latest book. Their other published works, Nature’s Way, designing the life you want through the lens of Nature and the Five Seasons by Karyn and Reflect to Create! — The Dance of Reflection for Creative Leadership, Professional Practice and Supervision by Elaine reflect their deep connection to all forms of creative endeavour. 

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