Team coaching – Cultivating the capacity to stay present in the midst of Intensity |with Monica Ross and Damion Wonfor

Monica Ross

“The success of any intervention depends on the inner being of the intervener.”

— C.Otto. Scharmer

When stepping into the role and into a session as a team coach, it is likely we may find in front of a group that our personal anxiety and vulnerabilities are dialled up dramatically. In addition, in the team coaching space, we will also be meeting the anxieties and vulnerabilities of the group / team, along with those from the wider system; so there’s a great deal for us to hold! This can all have an impact on our authority, presence and capacity to build the container for the team and intervene.

During this CPD module, Monica and Damion will explore techniques from embodiment, interpersonal mindfulness and systemic coaching to expand your window of emotional tolerance and deepen your capacity to re-center and return to presence so you can be the greatest tool for change within the team coaching process. We will also explore your potential hooks (the unconscious radar scanning that is likely to be happening) and learn how to recognise when you are pulled off centre, when you may lose your ground and most importantly techniques to regain your presence, impact and professional authority.

Damion Wonfor

About Monica and Damion

Monica is an Embodied Leadership Coach and Coaching Supervisor. Drawing on her considerable experience in the field of somatics and energy psychology, she supports leaders and coaches to connect to a deep sense of purpose and to develop authentic presence which increases their personal impact and influence. By accessing greater awareness and alignment, her clients become more inclusive. Through practices of mindfulness and embodiment they can become more centered and resilient in the midst of organizational flux.

Damion is the Founder of Catalyst 14 and is an experienced Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor and Mindfulness Teacher. He has been involved with  People Development and Coaching for over 20 years. His focus is on supporting coaches to develop a deep sense of presence and impact within their work, so they can help clients make transformational shifts within the coaching session. His own practice is underpinned by Mindfulness, Transpersonal Psychology and Embodied Systemic Methods.

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