Time to Thrive: Creating The Adaptable Team with David Webster

David Webster

In this session, we will explore how coaches, leaders and team members can create teams that can adapt and thrive as the world changes. Drawing from his forthcoming book, David will share research and insight from over 20 years of coaching senior leadership and project teams in national and global organisations.

“If your organisation has great teams, you will thrive, your organisation will thrive. Teams are the greatest source of competitive advantage for any organisation. For many of us, they are the ultimate expression of organisational contribution. They are reason that we go to work: to perform, to belong, to be appreciated, to find purpose and structure, to learn, to create meaningful change together and to make our particular mark on the world. No one can realize these ambitions alone. It is only when we are leading and working with others effectively and efficiently that we can know our best and most productive selves.”

— Creating Adaptable Teams: from psychology to practice. (Webster, D. 2021), McGraw Hill

About David Webster

David Webster is an experienced and well-regarded Chartered Occupational & Coaching Psychologist (HCPC Registered) and has been senior coaching teams internationally for over 20 years. Following his early career at Price Waterhouse and Forte plc, he led the School of Coaching in the late 1990s and has served as Chair of the British Psychological Society’s Coaching Psychology Group 2017-2019.

He has an MBA from Nottingham University and in 2018 won the CEO Magazine Management Consulting Award. His clients include Woodside Energy (Australia), EDF Energy plc, Brilliant Noise, RLG International and Thames Water plc. Away from Centre for Teams, David can be found writing, hill walking with his dog Molly, cycling and enjoying live music and theatre.

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