Feedback skills workshop

One of the areas where leaders can utilise a coaching style is within their feedback conversations. This is a consistent development need for leaders; it helps them have impactful and high quality feedback conversations that engage, develop and empower their team members.

This one-day highly experiential workshop has been created for participants that have already attended the Leader as Coach – Everyday Coaching Conversations training, and are looking to further enhance their coaching skills. It can either be run as part of the Leader as Coach programme, or at a later date — and can be delivered virtually or face-to-face.

The workshop enables participants to deliver impactful performance and developmental and behavioural feedback to their team; it also develops the leader’s self-awareness and self management within feedback conversations, and builds their understanding of the importance of psychological safety through the use of models, theory and practice.

Key Learning Objectives are:

  • To be able to deliver quality performance and developmental feedback to any member of staff.
  • To have increased confidence to be able to hold effective behavioural feedback conversations.
  • To have a greater awareness of how psychological safety and the relationship affects feedback between individuals.
  • To understand and be able to use various models, tools and some psychological understanding to deliver high quality feedback to staff members.
  • To practice feedback conversations and receive developmental feedback on their skills from our Faculty and Peers.

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