Fi McMillan, Faculty Member

“As the world becomes faster and more complex, we can thrive when we stay strongly in connection, with ourselves and those around us. I will support you to be courageous and real in how you show up with others.”

— Fi Macmillan

Leadership coach, entrepreneur and adventurer, Fi works with clients to find their own voice, their own purpose and their own way of doing things. She values how the inner journey supports what we choose to do in organisations.

Through her coaching practice, Fi works across a range of sectors in the UK and abroad. Her coaching approach is relational, and integrates different psychological perspectives. Clients have appreciated the impact of her steady presence, sensitivity and colour. She values working with coaches in training to surface their own practice.

From doing a lot of adventuring herself in wild Nature, Fi now has considerable experience coaching clients outdoors. Whilst this takes a particular skill and ‘holding’, Fi notices that it gives clients greater insight, presence and resilience.

Earlier in life, Fi founded and ran two successful marketing consultancy businesses, and was elected to represent her community on the District Council.

Fi is a member of the EMCC, an Ashridge Accredited Coach and has an MSc in Executive Coaching and Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching & Development.

Fi Macmillan

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