Isobel McConnan, Assessor

“We all need welcoming and friendly spaces to pause, feel our feet on the ground
and connect to what matters so that we can show up at our best in the world –
especially in these times of disruptive change.”

— Isobel McConnan

In my coaching, I offer just this kind of space. Change can feel exciting – and it
can also be deeply unsettling, bringing up questions around our purpose, identity
and belonging. I feel privileged to work with people at these thresholds of promise and potential, accompanying them as a ‘thinking partner’ on this part of their journey.

Working in partnership, we’ll connect to what you most care about, and how to stretch into new possibilities with courage and self-compassion. My approach blends practices that ground us in the present moment, with creativity and experimentation, inviting the intelligence of body and heart as well the mind into the conversation. We can work indoors and/or outdoors in nature – connecting with the wider systems of which we are a part.

Isobel is an experienced coach, facilitator and ‘thinking partner’ supporting individuals and groups in their work to create a kinder, more equitable and sustainable world. Her clients include leaders and practitioners in public sector and ‘purpose-led’ organisations working for change, as well as private individuals. Clients have worked with her at moments of significant transition – developing confidence, presence and personal authority in their leadership; building resilience and wellbeing during change; developing relational and communication skills in a variety of contexts. She also works with groups and organisations as a professional facilitator, designing inclusive and collaborative gatherings for engagement, learning and change.

Embracing change and the unknown takes courage and I’m inspired to witness those I work with move forward with fresh awareness and renewed energy in service of what they care about.

Along with action in her own community (where she’s involved in creating forest garden), Isobel sees her coaching practice as part of her contribution to the wider movements for social and climate justice. Her big loves are dancing, walking and being in Nature with friends – and mucking about with glue, paper and paint.

Isobel is a Senior Coach Practitioner (EMCC accredited) with an Advanced Diploma in Transformational Coaching through Catalyst 14. She also holds a Diploma in Organisational Gestalt

Isobel McConnan

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