Jenny Mackewn, Faculty member

As an organisational consultant, creative catalyst, trainer and coach, Jenny focuses on training people as heart-centred leaders intent on shaping a better world. She supports the systemic relational development of individuals, teams and organisations within the realities of an ever more complex and unpredictable world.

Throughout a long business career, Jenny has provided senior team development and coaching, executive coaching and mentoring, training and development programmes in dialogue, systemic coaching and facilitation/leadership as action research, strategic and transformational systemic development, and leadership and management development.

She specialises in working with interconnections across different levels of the system and helping people and organisations re-experience their interdependence with nature and revisit the purpose and meaning of individual and business life.

Jenny is currently working with the Nowhere Group, the Pushkin Trust, Schumacher College and Ashridge Business School. She has in the past worked with Harthill Consulting, Bath Consultancy Group and Roffey Park Management School. She works in the private, commercial, public and voluntary sectors.

Jenny has written two popular books on Gestalt – Developing Gestalt: A full exploration of Gestalt concepts and creative practice and Fritz Perls: An appreciation and critique of his life and work, two books on the field and the ecological challenges of our time, and a chapter on “Facilitation as a Form of Action Inquiry in the Moment”.

Jenny Mackewn

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