Karyn Prentice, Faculty Member

“If we can offer ourselves an inner hospitality to look in a creative and adventurous way we will always be surprised at what we find. Who you are is how you coach.”

— Karyn Prentice

Karyn brings a light touch, an open heart and a spry perspective in her approach to working together with her clients. She believes there is an innate creativity in all of us, and when we draw upon it the choices we have about expanding our thinking and being are vast. Her work is inspired by believing that it is in our shared relationships that we find connection, courage and compassion to flourish. Her articles and master classes all draw on a range of reflective and creative processes for exploring who we are and our work with others.

Much of her work focuses on coaching supervision, coaching conversations and developing coaches to discover deeper fields of insight and wisdom. Karyn has been part of the senior faculty of the Coaching Supervision Academy (CSA) since 2008. She co-leads their EMCC international Diploma programme in London, the US and the bi-lingual programmes in France and Switzerland.

She is never happier than working and walking with individuals and groups in nature in the parks and gardens of Greater London drawing upon the inspiration and essence of the four seasons and nature to support learning and reflection.

Her clients say that she creates a safe, spacious place to explore experiment and be curious to reach right out to their learning edge in order to feel more resourced.

Karyn Prentice

She has coached for over 25 years and is a Professional Executive accredited coach with the Association for Coaching.

Fletcher Prentice & Associates, established in 1995, has had a varied portfolio designing and delivering leadership programmes in a wide variety of settings including universities, financial institutions, classical music companies and corporate organisations.

Besides her BA (Hons) from London University, Karyn gained UKCP accreditation as a transpersonal psychotherapist in 1995. She is a Mindfulness teacher (MBSR, Bangor University) and has a regular contemplative practice which informs all of her work.

In 2018 together with business partner Elaine Patterson she won a national gold award for piloting Peer Coaching Supervision at Guys and St. Thomas Hospital Foundation Trust. The pair were also 2017/ 2018 EMCC Finalists in Coaching Supervision .

Karyn lives in Cambridgeshire and Normandy and works in English and French.

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