Online Introduction to Fundamentals of Transformational Coaching

“The ability to shift from reacting against the past to leaning into and presencing an emerging future is probably the single most important leadership capacity today.”

— C .Otto. Scharmer

At Catalyst 14, we have been delivering highly effective online experiential learning programmes since our inception. Due to the advances in technology, and our belief that coaches need to be highly effective at working online, our courses and events have always made extensive use of virtual learning environments (so coaches can practice working online whilst receiving feedback from our team).

Recently we have further developed our online offering, and are now pleased to provide our popular Introduction to the Fundamentals of Transformational Coaching online. You’ll find full details below, and if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

An online course that helps you create impact with your coaching style

If you are a senior leader, manager, or work in a HR / learning and development role and would like to develop your coaching style to have more impact in your workplace conversations, then this 2-day online introductory course is for you.

The programme will introduce you to the background of coaching and the key fields which have influenced its growth and practice. You will learn the fundamental pillars of great coaching conversations and how to effectively structure and facilitate a conversation with a coachee. Critical coaching skills such as embodied listening and insightful questioning will be developed too.

You will then explore how to utilise a range of coaching styles to maximise your impact, and learn the differences between coaching and other development relationships. You will also develop critical skills for developing an effective coaching relationship and contract.

You will be constantly practicing these skills throughout the 2 days and by completing this module you will:

  • develop core coaching knowledge, skills and behaviours
  • learn how to facilitate a conversation using behavioural coaching models
  • apply a range of coaching styles in conversation to maximise performance and impact
  • learn key skills such as embodied listening and insightful questioning
  • explore how to prepare yourself and others for a 1-2-1 coaching programme
  • understand the boundaries of a coaching relationship and how to manage these
  • apply insights from neuropsychology to the coaching relationship
  • learn how to develop an effective coaching relationship and a 1-2-1 coaching programme
  • develop an understanding of the importance of contracting throughout the coaching relationship
  • explore the importance of supervision within coaching
  • learn to self-reflect and appraise coaching capabilities to identify areas for personal development in coaching, and plan for new learning.
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Dates and fees

June 2024 Cohort

  • 13 – 14 June 2024, (2 full days)

The fee for this course is £1,000 + VAT. Please familiarise yourself with the course terms and conditions, including payment and refund policies, before applying — and if you have any queries at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

“The group leaders are exceptional teachers. I was extremely impressed by them and the depth of their knowledge. They were very personable at all times and always had time for people.”

— Course participant

“I really enjoyed the Introduction to the Fundamentals of Coaching workshop. The course was run at a perfect pace, with a good mix of practical work, information sharing and discussion.”

— Course participant

“The course was brilliant. I thought the structure and pace was perfect and we covered such a huge amount of content over the two days. I thought the emphasis on experiential learning was great as it forced us to apply the models and framework we were learning about. I really feel confident now that I have the foundations with regards to my coaching toolkit.”

— Course participant

“Many thanks for the really stimulating and enjoyable course, it was my first real exposure to coaching and I learnt many valuable skills which I can incorporate into my work.”

— Course participant

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