Ros Wells, Assessor

“I believe that everyone has the resource within themselves to become whatever and whoever they wish to be. I love the coaching process as it offers something that so many of us don’t have – time and space to think about ourselves – our motivations, our self-limiting beliefs and our dreams and aspirations. As a coach I offer a calm presence and an inquiring mind to challenge, motivate and ultimately celebrate your successes with you.

— Ros Wells

Ros has a background working in the NHS as a nurse, a midwife and ultimately in various senior roles with an emphasis on education and workforce development. What she found fascinating in these roles was how listening to patient and client stories brought a deeper understanding of how service delivery impacted on lived experiences. The stories offered a real human connection and were
remembered long after the data and financial costs were forgotten.

The richness of story telling is a fundamental part of our communication as humans, using metaphor and stories to make a point or to try to make sense of the world around us. Over the past 15 years, as a coach Ros has developed her interest in storytelling and use of metaphor. As part of her coaching practice, Ros helps her clients explore the stories they tell themselves, and the impact these have on how they see themselves in the world.

Using a psychological approach to coaching, Ros works to bring awareness to her clients through the art of conversation, playing back what she has heard and sense checking, meaning and nuances. Ros believes that the power of coaching lies within the relationship between the coach and the client. This is where challenge is offered with a genuine interest and belief in the client and where honest feedback is offered with humour and good grace.

Ros’s coaching experience spans over 15 years and includes executives through to new leaders in public, private and third sector organisations, and international industry. She has experience in 1:2:1 coaching, group coaching and group and 1:2:1 coaching supervision. She has also delivered Coach Training accredited through University of Northampton.

Ros holds an MA in Executive and Business Coaching and an Advanced Diploma in Transformational Coaching. She is a qualified Coach Supervisor and an accredited EMCC Senior Practitioner in Coaching.

Ros Wells

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