Sally Bogle, Faculty Member

Sally Bogle is a coach, supervisor and facilitator with a strong belief in human potential and in the power of relationship and dialogue to create change, deepen self and collective belief and develop resilience.

Her work focusses on 121 coaching, coach supervision, coach training and leadership development, with a particular interest in small group peer reflection and action inquiry. She has been coaching for over 20 years and has considerable experience of working with those preparing for or transitioning into more senior roles and helping individuals and teams work through turbulence and change. She has been training leaders in coaching skills in many different types of organisations since 2005 and working on accredited coach development programmes (EMCC, ILM, Post-Graduate) since 2010.

She developed her facilitation and coaching skills, together with a strong understanding of group dynamics and OD during her career in Learning & Development. As L&D Director with Unite Students, she was instrumental in developing the use of a combination of coaching, mentoring and action inquiry for the development of senior leaders.

Since becoming an independent coach in 2008, she has worked with people at all levels in public and private sector organisations of all sizes and particularly enjoys working with charities, SME’s and entrepreneurial organisations.

Sally is an EMCC Global Senior Coach Practitioner. She holds an MSc in Organisational Development (from a Gestalt perspective) from Middlesex University and an MSc in Coaching & Development from Portsmouth University. She has an Certificate in Group Analysis (IGA) and has recently completed a Diploma in Supervision with CSTD Bath.

She has been a mindfulness practitioner for many years and has taught mindfulness and mindfulness-based practices in several client organisations. She is co-founder and trustee of The Mindful Life, a charity that supports carers to develop skills around mindfulness and self-care.

Sally Bogle

In all my work, I believe it’s vital to meet people where they are, to create with them a safe and supportive space, in which they can pause and really notice what’s going on. From this place, they are more able to be kind to themselves as well as to embrace challenge. This provides a springboard for experimentation and creating new ways forward.”

Sally Bogle

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