Silence in the City – A Mindfulness Retreat

“When you become aware of silence, immediately there is that state of inner still alertness. You are present. You have stepped out of thousands of years of collective human conditioning.”

— Eckhart Tolle

In our work, we are frequently operating in a doing mode: doing, doing, doing and faster, faster, faster, which often means we are chasing to catch our breath. This pace of work and our lives can often be relentless. We find ourselves constantly ‘on,’ – continuous connectivity, combined with the demands of multitasking, email and instant messaging, result in us finding it increasing difficult to switch off and concentrate.

This all can have a negative impact on our presence in our lives, our wellbeing, relationships and our performance at work; and results in us suffering physically and mentally. In a way we are unconsciously giving ourselves an inner speeding ticket!

‘Silence in the City’ aims to provide you with a half day retreat, an oasis of silence and calm so you can reset and reconnect with a sustainable inner speed limit and find a space to breathe. It is designed to reignite or deepen a mindfulness practice.

Dates and fees

By attending a session, you will experience an intimate group environment where Damion will guide you through a number of mindfulness practices in silence over a 3-hour period.

  • 7 June 2024, 10am-1pm
  • 20 September 2024, 10am-1pm
  • 6 December 2024, 10am-1pm
  • 7 March 2025, 10am-1pm
  • 13 June 2025, 10am-1pm
  • 19 September ,2025 10am-1pm
  • 12 December, 2025 10am-1pm

The fee is £100 + VAT per session.

More information / get in touch

If you’re interested in participating on this retreat, or would like any more information about it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.