About Liz Palmer

I first trained as a coach in 2011 after a long professional break to raise my two sons. Having spent all of my early career in manufacturing industries working to improve the performance of individuals and teams, coaching was a way of getting back to work that I enjoyed whilst also being able to care for my children.

My youngest son has severe autism which has had a profound impact on my own journey as a coach. My interest in Clean Language and Gestalt approaches in my coaching work come from supporting him to find his own potential and bring that into the world.

I met Damion in 2013 and we quickly discovered we shared a purpose and set of values around the work we do. I was delighted to join Damion at Catalyst14 in 2019 and, like Damion, feel blessed to work with such an exceptional team, to be able to support people across a wide range of sectors and be a part of an inspiring community of coaches.

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Liz Palmer