About Sandra Goddard

I first started coaching in the early 1990s; this felt like a ‘this was meant to be’ moment, as my inclination to notice, explore and be curious have been enduring threads running throughout my childhood, studies and practice (as a business psychologist) and earlier career (as an organisation change consultant).

As a coach and coach supervisor, I truly love what I do – helping clients rediscover and appreciate who and how they are, and how this informs the choices they make and the impact they have (so they can be their best selves in their professional and personal lives).

I also enjoy supporting clients to reconnect to a personal sense of ‘being’ rather than just focussing on ‘doing’.

My broader experience as a business psychologist reinforces my holistic and systemic approach as I walk alongside my clients’ journeying. I offer a cross-mixture of concepts, frameworks and techniques including transactional analysis, appreciative inquiry, strengths and ways of knowing (including somatic/embodied).

Having been with Catalyst 14 since its inception, I consider myself very fortunate to be part of this learning, loving and laughing community.

I strive to experience gratitude in all that I meet – including the more challenging periods that we all encounter from time to time.

I currently live in the West Midlands with my daughter and two dogs. I find myself leaning more and more towards Monty Don’s advice on cherishing, even nurturing, the ‘wildness;’ of my garden :-). I’m seeking to travel more to fresh places as well as rediscover ‘pre-loved’ destinations.

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Sandra Goddard
Sandra Goddard