As the early months of 2021 bring another lockdown, we will again be offering free mindfulness sessions throughout it — to help you find a regular space to support your self care.

At this time of year, we have a great opportunity to consciously choose to ‘wake up’ to this festive period — otherwise with all the doing that needs to be done we run the risk of giving ourselves an inner speeding ticket. To support you in the run up to Christmas, here are our recommendations for some mindful activities that you can build into your day.

“Our mind becomes more spacious, more open, and happier as we move past our avoidance and denial to see what is true.” — Joseph Goldstein As England moves […]

To support you during the current crisis, we’re pleased to extend our free mindfulness sessions in June 2020.

As lockdown continues, and the psychological impacts of isolation and staying at home start to be felt by us all, we want to continue to support your personal wellbeing.

In these challenging times, we want to provide additional support to you by offering a series of free mindfulness group sessions.

In this post, we look at nine key principles of mindfulness practice.

In our busy lives, especially in the final weeks of the year, where we are focused on finishing our work and preparing for the festive season, it can be a struggle to find the space to breathe. In this post we look at ways you can make space for reflection and practise self-care; we also explore the benefits of doing so.

Damion Wonfor and Monica Ross discuss the personal and professional benefits of attending a retreat.