Why train as a coach with us?

“The workshop was brilliantly facilitated by the course leaders. They delivered the training in a flexible way that responded to our needs and skills. They created a safe environment for us to learn, and be honest and vulnerable in our coaching practice, which helped us really experience coaching, rather than some sort of half-hearted role play. They were vulnerable themselves in the way they demonstrated techniques, giving us real insight to the challenges and realities of coaching.”

— Course participant

Watch our video below to find out more about the values and priniciples that underpin our coaching courses.

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Who are you looking to become as a coach? What development journey are you curious about embarking upon?

At Catalyst 14, we aim to develop professional coaches fit for the world we live and work in today. 

Coaches who:

  • are exceptional practitioners
  • can apply key psychological models and concepts pragmatically
  • are self-aware, emotionally intelligent, embodied and mindful
  • have an in-depth, personal understanding of change
  • are structured in their approach with a tool kit to help support clients through personal and organisational change and key leadership challenges
  • can develop transformational behavioural change in their clients
  • who have capacity to work effectively face to face and remotely
  • have lived through the coaching process themselves as coachees (‘to be a good coach you need to be a good coachee.’).

We are not interested in producing ‘mini-versions’ of ourselves; instead, we are offering you a unique and inspiring development journey to enable you to identify the coach you want to be. We will help you learn and practise the art of coaching with in-depth support from our faculty.

The benefits of training with Catalyst 14

We currently have a 100% pass rate from our participants once they have submitted a portfolio. Here is some recent feedback from our chief examiner, Sandra Goddard, regarding portfolio submissions:

“I have been an assessor for EMCC EQA accreditation for many years and now also for EMCC EIA since its inception. Our programmes at Catalyst 14 require participants to reflect on and consolidate their learning journey in a formal submission. The committed investment participants consistently give to this is, I believe, tangible testimony of their engagement and quality learning experience as they develop their skills, practice and authenticity as a Coach. This includes the importance we place on ongoing reflective practice – of which the portfolio is a clear consolidation and celebration.

What I also see is the growth ‘shift’ amongst our coaches as they progress from undertaking the Diploma to the Advanced Diploma – how they consolidate their learning and application to further build their authenticity, personal model and ethos to their ‘brand’ . This is truly a delight to see.”

Our coach training programmes offer the following benefits:

  • Our courses provide a clear and structured modular learning path. This means you can identify the level and depth of training and accreditation that is right for you and your current work.
  • You can train fully to achieve the European Individual Award with EMCC Global. We are one of the first coach training organisations in the UK to offer this.
  • Our training courses are built to develop you using a wide range of professional coaching approaches combined with rigorous practitioner development.
  • Our workshops are highly experiential, meaning you will be constantly practicing and learning pragmatic techniques and frameworks to maximise your impact as a coach.
  • We have a maximum cohort size of 15, which means your learning experience will be an intimate one.
  • Our faculty will be role models for you, bringing expertise as internal and external coaches within specific fields of coaching. We have a small and intimate team of faculty members, so you will experience a consistent presence when training with us.
  • You will receive in-depth support from a personal tutor and coaching supervisor. The level of support and expertise we provide sets us apart from other coach training providers.
  • During the modules you will receive 1-2-1 observation and feedback from our faculty on your coaching skills (this includes a practical assessment at the end of our Diploma course to ensure you are confident in your capability as a professional coach).
  • You will receive 1-2-1 coaching during the course of your programme. We believe to be a great coach you need to have fully experienced the development journey of a coachee / client too. Not all coach training programmes require you to be coached.

You may be wrestling with how to identify coachees to work with whilst you are training with us as you want to get a new and diverse experience. To help with this, for our Diploma and Advanced Diploma programmes we have a number of probono coaching schemes with organisations where we can help match you with a coachee. Current organisations include:

Reed Smith
Believe in Children
Charles Russel Speechlys

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