Advanced Diploma in Transformational Coaching (EMCC Senior Practitioner)

“Only one who devotes themself to a cause with their whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person.”

— Albert Einstein

Programme overview

This is our master coach development path supporting professional coaches (independent or internal) who are accredited at EMCC Practitioner Level or similar and are seeking a highly experiential learning programme.

Our Advanced Diploma programme will enable you to make significant shifts both personally and professionally in the depth of your coaching work and will certify you with the EMCC at Senior Practitioner (EQA and EIA) level.

The reason that EMCC Practitioner Level certification is a prerequisite for this course is because this programme requires a level of coaching maturity; so that during the training, you will be able to move beyond models, techniques, skills and frameworks (‘what the coach does’) to focus deeply on your being, the cultivation of self, authority and presence within your coaching practice (‘who you are being as a coach’).

If you have trained with us previously, this programme builds on our Diploma in Transformational Coaching, which covers the psychological and developmental models, techniques and skills for coaching in the modern workplace in depth.

To become an exceptional practitioner we believe you must fully work on yourself first, and then, through developing a greater depth of capacity (presence and authenticity) learn the key movements to create a truly transformational development relationship within the complex leadership context of today’s workplace. Our Advanced Diploma delivers this, and will result in you holding significantly more powerful and insightful conversations that change hearts as well as minds.

You will be interested in this programme if you are seeking to considerably enhance your current coaching practice with cutting edge methodologies such as:

  • presence-based coaching
  • working with emergence and dialogue
  • mindfulness
  • embodiment and somatic coaching
  • systemic coaching.

This course is also for you if you are keen to develop more experiential and transformational methods and approaches to utilise within your coaching practice, including coaching outdoors and in nature.

Finally, this programme will offer you an advanced community of practice to explore the art of coaching together with an exceptional faculty of expert coaches and supervisors that will guide you towards coaching mastery.

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Course benefits

We currently have a 100% submission rate and 100% pass rate for portfolios for the Advanced Diploma programme.

By completing this 12-month programme you will:

  • develop deep levels of presence, authority and mastery as a coach
  • practise key transformational coaching skills and psychological models and be able to apply these in a coaching relationship to maximise learning, outcomes and behavioural change
  • understand and take responsibility for your own ethical and professional practice as a coach including participation in regular coaching supervision and CPD
  • develop your emotional intelligence and psychological mindedness as a coach to maximise your self awareness and regulation
  • learn how to build and hold a container for a transformational coaching programme
  • deepen your capacity to work with ease and flexibility within the relational field
  • develop self as instrument to maximise challenge and impact within a coaching session
  • integrate presence-based, mindful and somatic coaching methodologies within your coaching practice
  • develop a range of creative techniques to maximise insight, creativity and change
  • learn how to work effectively outdoors with coaching clients
  • explore and integrate systemic methodologies and coaching approaches within your coaching practice
  • develop against the EMCC Senior Practitioner Level Coach Competencies and be assessed against these
  • build confidence and appreciation of your own coaching style through repeated practice and evidence-based feedback from our faculty and fellow participants
  • identify your own coaching framework, approach and style
  • become accredited at Practitioner or Senior Practitioner level European Individual Award (EIA) with EMCC Global.

Prerequisite for joining this course

You must have a Practitioner level accreditation with the EMCC or a similar accreditation with another professional coaching body. Please note that Certificates at Level 5 or Level 7 with the ILM are not equitable for this level of course, and instead we would recommend joining our Diploma in Transformational Coaching with advanced entry into later modules based on your current training. Your best coach development path will be discussed with during a 1-2-1 call with our Course Director.

If you have not completed our Diploma course, when applying we will ask to see evidence of:

•Certificate of Coach Training

•Information about the course you completed

•Records of CPD and Coaching Supervision.

We will then arrange a telephone conversation for you to discuss your application, previous training and experience with our Course Director, Damion Wonfor.

If you have any queries about your eligibility for this course, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

“By ‘discipline,’ I don’t mean ‘enforced order,’ or ‘means of punishment,’ but a body of theory and technique that must be studied and mastered to put into practice. A discipline is a developmental path for acquiring certain skills or competencies. As with any discipline…some people have an innate gift but anyone can develop proficiency through practice.”

— Peter Senge

Course content

Our Advanced Diploma includes:

  • Completion of VoicePrint tool

    Our intention is to provide you with greater understanding of your conversational repertoire when coaching. It will provide you with feedback on your use of nine different voices in conversations, each of which has a distinctive purpose and function in a development conversation. You will receive feedback on this during your Pre-programme 1-2-1 session.

  • Pre-programme 1-2-1 session with your personal tutor

    In order to prepare you for the programme, to clarify any concerns and to enable you to set personal objectives, you will receive a virtual 1-2-1 briefing session. This provides an effective means of introducing you to the requirements of the programme and to assess your prior experience for accreditation purposes. You will also discuss the results of your VoicePrint results.

  • 6 experiential modules:
    • Transformational Coaching – 3 days in London
    • Mindful Coaching – 6 x 1 hour sessions (online)
    • Advanced Embodied Coaching – 3 days in London
    • Embodied Systemic Coaching – 3 days in London
    • Advanced Embodied Systemic Coaching – 2 days in London
    • Transformational Coach Integration Day – 1 day in London

      Our modules cover advanced coaching topics in a variety of learning styles, introduce key concepts and provide a forum for discussing best practice and the critical conversations that need to take place for you to learn, perform and enjoy being a coach. They also seek to deepen your capacity to utilise the skills, techniques, and models of transformational coaching to maximise your impact with your clients. Each workshop combines elements of theory, demonstration and role modelling, practice and discussion about the practical implications of using the new skills and the application in a working context.

  • Workplace coaching practice

    Throughout the programme, you will be expected to identify and formally coach a number of coachees outside of the workshops. For this level of accreditation you will complete 50 hours of coaching practise.

  • Undertaking 1-2-1 coaching

    We believe that to be a good coach, you need to have experienced the development journey of being a coachee. It is for this reason we will ask you to be coached and you will receive 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions whilst on the programme.

  • Opportunities for finding coachees
    Each year we arrange a number of probono coaching schemes with different organisations looking for coaches. Examples currently include Fareshare, Barnardos, Right to Dream, Charles Russell Speechlys and ReedSmith.

  • Online resources and community
    You will have access to our Catalyst 14 Community Learning Hub, our virtual learning and networking space where you can access numerous articles related to your coaching modules, watch videos, webinars and chat with your cohort colleagues and connect with the wider Catalyst 14 community.

  • Faculty feedback

    You will be observed on each of the modules and receive written faculty feedback against the 8 competence areas at Senior Practioner level. You will also have the opportunity to be videod whilst coaching on the modules.

  • Formal coaching supervision sessions

    All participants receive 4 x 2 hour virtual Group Supervision sessions and 1 x 1-hour virtual 1-2-1 supervision session with one of our accredited coach supervisors throughout the programme.

  • Practical coaching assessment

    On the final module, you will be assessed by one of our faculty against the eight competence areas at Senior Practitioner Level. This assessment is to give you confidence in your future work as a coach.

  • Post-programme session

    This is held a few weeks after the completion of the final module (the Transformational Coach Integration Day). This enables you to reflect on your learning over the course of the programme. It will also provide you with guidance on the creation and completion of your assessed portfolio of learning and written assignments.

A Portfolio of Learning is a requirement of this programme and provides evidence of your learning and development against the EMCC Competence framework at Senior Practitioner level. It also includes evidence of your development journey, experience and learning from being coached and a written case study covering the development work with a coaching client.

“I have used Catalyst14 for my professional coaching development and supervision for many years. The Advanced Diploma was an impactful, insightful and fun programme that enabled me to deepen my individual and team coaching practice. The group sessions were engaging and participative, using embodiment and systemic approaches. There was also time spent on mindful reflection. Indeed, the programme was more about myself as a coach than it was about acquiring new tools and models. It is clear that Catalyst14 care about the participants and in developing communities of coaches who feel supported and challenged. I have recommended this programme to coaches looking for the next stage of their professional development, and would not hesitate to do so again in the future.”

Course participant

“Learning by doing, from esteemed and recognised professionals in the coaching business. Detailed, well organised and clear communications from the Catalyst 14 team set the tone for a great experience. What I learned academically and in hands on live practical experimentation and practice, completely changed my professional landscape. Doing the Advanced Diploma to attain EMCC Senior Practitioner elevated my knowledge and abilities, which in turn translated to the quality of my coaching and ongoing success. Essential learning for anyone seeking to create a robust coaching business.”

Course participant

“Catalyst 14’s Advanced Diploma in Coaching was, like my previous Diploma with them, a bringing together of a diverse group of experienced coaches, with a shared warmth and curiosity. It’s also more than a one-off training – our cohort spirit is valued and alive long after our formal course, as well as a continued connection with the wider Catalyst faculty and CPD community. The content was the perfect extension of my integrative practice and nourished my interest in outdoor, creative and embodied approaches. I particularly loved the work we did in Richmond Park, on the seasons, and exploring issues through objects and floor papers, all of which I use centrally now, whether on zoom, indoor or outdoor.

Their really thoughtfully-structured modules helped me deepen my presence, keep self-care as coach top of mind and bring really enjoyable ease into systemic work. Their strong focus on nature as a coaching canvas has become a hallmark of my approach and is hugely enjoyed by clients who have mostly never tried it before. I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to dive into these more unusual techniques, in a totally professional and effective way.”

Course participant


Below you’ll find a full list of all the modules on this programme – just click on a module title to view more details.

Longer modules involve face-to-face training, in Central London; others are online. Online modules are live group learning sessions conducted by a member of our faculty.

Module 1: Transformational Coaching

This 3-day module reinforces the fundamental developmental theories that underpin transformational coaching. You will then deepen your capacity to work effectively as a coach within the relational field to support your client’s learning.

Building on the core practices of transformational coaching we will explore a presence-based coaching methodology together with advanced coaching skills such as self as instrument and psychological mindedness to maximise your impact within the coaching conversation. We will also develop our capacity to use creative and systemic methods within the coaching programme to enhance our client’s insight, change and realizations. Finally, we will review the reflective practice and ongoing support including supervision and accreditation requirements for the programme.

By completing this module, you will:

  • reconnect with the fundamentals of transformational coaching
  • explore the relational field within the coaching relationship and enhance your ability to build a container for good work
  • deepen your understanding of using developmental coaching methodologies
  • learn and integrate presence-based coaching approaches
  • apply creative techniques to work with business and performance challenges
  • integrate systemic approaches to coaching conversations
  • begin to develop advanced skills such as self as instrument, attunement and psychological mindedness
  • build confidence and appreciation of your own coaching style through repeated practice and evidence-based feedback from our faculty and fellow participants

Module 2: Mindful Coaching

Our next module comprises 6 x 1 hour sessions over a 6 week period that aim to deepen your authority, presence and way of being as a coach.

You will learn critical practices to manage your own capacity and resourcefulness as a coach. You will develop your own internal supervisor and learn processes for self-observation and regulation to maximise your impact when coaching. You will continue to enhance your capacity to use ‘self as instrument’ and intuition within coaching sessions. Finally, you will learn methods to integrate mindfulness within the coaching session.

During this 6 x 1 hour module you will: • deepen your presence and emotional intelligence as a coach • enhance your ability to work with authenticity and intuition • deepen advanced coaching skills such as ‘self as instrument’ and attunement • learn key practises for managing self • develop a greater self regard and self compassion • explore interpersonal mindfulness practice and learn to apply this within the coaching session.

Module 3: Advanced Embodied Coaching

During the next 3-day module, we will start by experientially exploring the evidence base for coaching outdoors and how this supports embodiment, creativity and reflexivity for both our clients and us.

We will then deepen your somatic coaching practice and look at how you can integrate this approach with your clients. We will also strengthen self-awareness of your habits and patterns when coaching, especially when under pressure in moments of the coaching session.

We will then work with centering techniques to help you develop meta awareness and regulate your capacity to effectively respond and maximise your ‘in the moment’ impact.

Finally, we will further enhance your capacity for embodied listening and to work with self as instrument to deepen the coachee’s insight and action. We also explore how to introduce and lead resourcing, grounding and mindfulness techniques with coaching clients.

During this module, you will:

  • explore and experience the benefits of working with coaching clients in the natural environment
  • understand how to contract and create a safe container for the coachee to work outdoors
  • fully experience embodied knowing as a result of being in the natural environment – both as coachee and coach
  • learn how to prepare and execute an impactful coaching session outdoors.
  • enhance your level of presence that invites your coachee into a calm, clear and resourceful state where they can fully benefit from their coaching
  • learn how to return to a Centered, resourceful state when under pressure
  • cultivate a deep capacity to be courageous by offering challenge in an authentic and respectful way
  • learn to support clients in developing their own presence and resourcefulness
  • learn and practise grounding and mindfulness techniques to use with coachees
  • build confidence and appreciation of your own coaching style through repeated practice and feedback from our Faculty and fellow participants.

Module 4: Embodied Systemic Coaching

This 3-day module will expand your capacity to work with clients and their system during a coaching session. We will build your capacity to create more systemic insight within your clients. You will learn powerful approaches to help your coachees understand how the systemic influences and forces impact them and their current context.

This training will accelerate all of your learning so far on the programme through your development in systemic embodied coaching approaches. These days of learning will result in you developing a deep awareness of the forces across the whole system and how systemic coaching methods will help your client gain clarity of the complexity and often-unseen energy within their organisational system.

The final day of this module aims to enhance the integration and application of your coaching practice to working outdoors with your clients. We will continue to explore and experience the evidence base supporting the movement of coaching from the workplace to outside in either urban or rural settings.

You will also experience the benefits of reflective nature based approaches within your coaching practice

During this module, you will:

  • integrate creative techniques, models and approaches from this programme in an outdoor setting
  • deepen your experience and knowledge of the benefits of coaching outdoors for both coach and coachee
  • explore the benefits of reflective nature based practice for coaches
  • deepen your capacity to work within the relational field and the system during a coaching conversation
  • learn and practice a model of Systemic Coaching
  • develop your ability to utilise different methods of mapping systems in a coaching session
  • deepen your capacity to work with embodiment and use of self within the coaching session
  • build confidence and appreciation of your own coaching style through repeated practice and evidence-based feedback from our faculty and fellow participants.

Module 5: Advanced Embodied Systemic Coaching

During this 2-day experiential module, you will continue to build your authority, presence and capacity to hold a systemic coaching session. We will deepen your understanding of systemic theory and its application to leadership and organisational coaching sessions.

We will also increase your ease and flexibility so that you can introduce and apply systemic methods to a range of client challenges to facilitate insight and change.

By completing this module, you will:

  • deepen your capacity to work within the relational field and the system
  • build your capability in facilitating a coaching session using a systemic coaching model
  • learn, explore and apply the 4 Hidden Orders of Organisational Life and Change
  • practice using systemic sentences to resolve entanglements
  • build your capacity to work with emergent systemic mapping
  • develop your ability to utilise Embodied Systemic Coaching approaches to work with a range of client business and performance topics
  • build confidence and appreciation of your own coaching style through repeated practise and evidence-based feedback from our faculty and fellow participants

Module 6: Transformational Coach Integration Day

The final module aims to provide you with an inspiring day to help you acknowledge and celebrate the development journey you have undertaken so far as a coach whilst on this programme.

The morning of the workshop focuses on the practical assessment of your coaching against the EMCC Senior Practitioner Level Competencies in a supportive environment.

In the afternoon we will explore your new identity and purpose as a coach. We will also explore next steps in terms of accreditation and professional and ethical practise.

By the end of this 1-day module you will:

  • be assessed on your current level of coaching capability against the EMCC Senior Practitioner Competencies
  • have reflected on your development journey throughout this programme to gain further clarity on your purpose and identity as a coach
  • fully understand the next steps and work required for certification.

Dates, venue and fees

Course dates

November 2023 Cohort

  • Module 1: Transformational Coaching – 7th, 8th, 9th November 2023
  • Module 2: Mindfulness – 6 x 1 hour virtual sessions: 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th January 2024; 5th, 12th February 2024
  • Module 3: Advanced Embodied Coaching – 23rd, 24th, 25th April 2024
  • Module 4: Embodied Systemic Coaching – 18th, 19th, 20th June 2024
  • Module 5: Advanced Embodied Systemic Coaching – 4th & 5th September 2024
  • Module 6: Transformational Coach Integration Day – 28th November 2024


The course is a blended programme which mixes both face-to-face training and online sessions. Face-to-face training takes place at Coram, based just 10 minutes’ walk from King’s Cross, the venue offers bright and spacious training rooms and outdoor space in which we can work. By basing our programmes here, we are also supporting the work that Coram are doing to improve the lives of children across the UK. Based on feedback from our courses, we have found that participants greatly value being able to chat informally with cohort colleagues and faculty during breaks, which is why we always include lunch and refreshments on our face to face workshops at no extra charge. Online modules are live group learning sessions conducted by a member of our faculty.


The fee for this programme is £6,250 + VAT. Payment can be made in full or in interest-free instalments. Please get in touch for more details. A place on the course is secured with a deposit of £750 + VAT.

Peace of mind guarantee: If you change your mind within 14 days of enrolling you will get a full refund.

Fees include attendance at all modules, supervision sessions, venue costs – food and refreshments, programme resources and accreditation with the EMCC for the EIA. (Accommodation costs are not included).

Please familiarise yourself with the course terms and conditions, including payment and refund policies, before applying – and if you have any queries at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


On successful completion of this programme, you will receive an Advanced Diploma in Transformational Coaching from us.  Our programmes are accredited by the EMCC European Quality Award (EQA) at Senior Practitioner Level. This is the benchmark quality standard for mentoring/coaching training programmes – it ensures that successful students meet the research-based competence standards presented in the EMCC Competency Framework at the Senior Practitioner level.

Our programme will also enable you to obtain the European Individual Award (EIA) with the European Mentoring Coaching Council (EMCC).  This will either be at the Practitioner Level or Senior Practitioner Level dependent on your prior experience in coaching. This will be discussed with you by one of our team when you apply for the programme.  We are one of the first coach training providers in the UK to offer this accreditation.

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