Coach training

Following a successful 2021 Catalyst 14 Gathering event, we share some of the key learning points from each of the sessions delivered.

The intention of this post — the third in a three part series about internal coaching — is to support our clients with establishing, maintaining and evolving a successful internal coaching provision.

This blog post — the first of three on the topic — will explore the five key ingredients to consider when setting up internal coaching programmes.

One of the impacts that Covid-19 is having is that we all need to operate in an uncertain environment. In this post, Paul Golding looks at ways to be successful in it.

To further your CPD, we’d like to share some recordings of our recent webinars with you.

In this post, we highlight some simple preparatory elements that can support impactful coaching programmes.

In this blog post, we consider the impact on the coaching space that ‘compassionate listening’ can create.

At the end of 2020, you may be pausing and considering how you will ‘sharpen your saw’ next year. To support you and our Alumni, we want to share some resources and options for your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with us in 2021.

In this post we explore the key questions you need to answer before committing to internal coaching.