Leader as Coach training (Individuals)

Note: this page is about our in-person leader as coach training — the programme is also available as an online course.

“I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem
previously thought unsolvable.” – John Russell

Create more impact and enable your team members to thrive

If you are an executive, senior leader or manager and would like to develop your coaching style so that you have more impact within your leadership conversations, then this highly experiential Leader as Coach course is for you.

On this course, we do not train you as a coach — instead, we build your capacity to use coaching skills within your everyday conversations to maximise your impact. This is an important distinction, and this programme provides you with key principles for the Leadership Coaching habit to enable you to apply these within formal and informal workplace conversations.

Taking place in Central London, the first 2 days of the programme will introduce you to coaching as a leadership style. You will learn the fundamental principles of the Leadership Coaching Habit and how to hold effective development and performance conversations with those you lead. You will develop critical coaching skills such as empathic listening and insightful questioning too.

You will then explore how to utilise a range of coaching styles to maximise your impact, and focus in on coaching opportunities with team members (such as feedback conversations).

Following the initial 2 day module, you will then attend 2 x 2-hour online Peer Group sessions led by our faculty to enable practice and reinforce the skills and embed the leadership coaching habit.

You will be constantly practising these skills throughout the programme, and by completing this leadership development you will:

  • Understand the benefits for utilising a coaching style to enhance sustainable high performance with colleagues and team members.
  • Explore barriers to using a coaching style (organisational and personal).
  • Deepen your self-awareness of preferred leadership and conversational style and have an appreciation of different styles you can adopt depending on the situation and the team member’s needs.
  • Practice the mindset shift which supports adopting a coaching style.
  • Learn how to develop psychological safety within conversations.
  • Develop critical coaching skills.
  • Undertake practice sessions with peers to build core skills including:

    • structuring an effective development or performance conversation
    • empathic listening, summarising, enabling the other person to think more deeply
    • using open questions to encourage and expand thinking
    • practising being more non-directive in conversations.
  • Practice feedback conversations utilising a coaching style to maximise the impact.
  • Recognise how to provide direction / input while still holding a coaching style conversation.
  • Learn how to manage relational dynamics with team members.
  • Receive feedback on your coaching skills from peers and our faculty team.
  • Embed simple principles to develop the habit of using a coaching style within your role.
  • Commit to further actions / micro habits to continue to embed a coaching style in conversations.

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Dates, venue and and fees

Course dates

Our next in-person Leader as Coach course starts on 26 November, with sessions on the following dates:

  • 26 and 27 November 2024, 9am-5pm, both days — Main module
  • 10 January 2025, 3-5pm – Online Enabling session
  • 24 February 2025, 3-5pm – Online Sustaining session


Our courses take place at Coram, based just 10 minutes’ walk from King’s Cross. The venue offers bright and spacious training rooms and outdoor space in which we can work. By basing our programmes here, we are also supporting the work that Coram are doing to improve the lives of children across the UK.


The fee for this course is £1,500 + VAT. Please familiarise yourself with our course terms and conditions, including payment and refund policies, before applying – and if you have any queries at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Participant feedback

“The group leaders are exceptional teachers. I was extremely impressed by them and the depth of their knowledge. They were very personable at all times and always had time for people.” — Course participant

“I really enjoyed the Introduction to the Fundamentals of Coaching workshop. The course was run at a perfect pace, with a good mix of practical work, information sharing and discussion.” — Course participant

“The course was brilliant. I thought the structure and pace was perfect and we covered such a huge amount of content over the two days. I thought the emphasis on experiential learning was great as it forced us to apply the models and framework we were learning about. I really feel confident now that I have the foundations with regards to my coaching toolkit.” — Course participant

“Many thanks for the really stimulating and enjoyable course, it was my first real exposure to coaching and I learnt many valuable skills which I can incorporate into my work.” — Course participant

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