Mindfully Being Retreat

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This mindfulness retreat usually takes place at Bore Place near Sevenoaks in Kent.  This is a peaceful and inspiring organic farm, retreat and conference centre, within easy reach of London (30 minutes on train).  It is comfortable and relaxing, and the food is amazing – you will eat well and sleep well!

There has been much written about the benefits of mindfulness to our every day lives, both in terms of the positive impact to our physical and mental wellbeing. Mindfulness means ‘present moment awareness,’ and building our capacity to be more mindful offers the opportunity for us to ‘wake up’ out of automatic habits and reactions, to savour the present moment and enjoy life more.

Research shows that we spend nearly 50% of our waking hours on automatic pilot, which tends to dull the experience of our lives and results in us automatically reacting to challenges, rather than responding more wisely.

“Mindfully Being” provides you with the opportunity to explore mindful awareness and how you can integrate this more fully into your own life. Whether you are new to mindfulness or are looking to reignite or deepen your mindfulness practice,these 2 days will provide you with an immersion experience (you could call this a personal MOT) to demystify mindfulness and enable you to fully apply these skills within your own life.

This event is delivered by Damion Wonfor and Tessa McEwan. Both teachers adhere to the Good Practice Guidelines for UK Mindfulness Teachers.

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