About Boaz Safier

My training as a professional coach in 2015 followed an earlier career as a Chartered Accountant.

The training journey had a significant impact for me, both professionally and personally. At a fundamental level, it reinforced my core belief that within each of us resides an innate desire to grow to our fullest potential.

Working in a ‘Big Four’ accounting firm at the time, I was fortunate to join the internal coaching team. There I had the privilege to work with many talented individuals, and helping them towards their aspirations became my professional ‘home’.

I love to learn and have a keen interest in Transactional Analysis, Eastern philosophy, and modern psychology all of which underpin my work as a coach. I continue to work with inspiring individuals and am delighted to be part of a wonderful team at Catalyst 14. 

Outside of work I hugely enjoy all aspects of food, with a particular passion for the Middle East cuisine. Exploring the culinary world fuels my creativity.

Having recently embraced a change of scenery, I traded bustling central London for a home in Buckinghamshire. Here, I find peace walking in the Chiltern hills and enjoy the opportunity to cultivate my gardening skills.

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Boaz Safier