When a question is not a question

Asking a question when we don’t really mean to inquire is common mismatch between what we are trying to communicate and what we actually say. In this post, Liz Palmer takes a look at how to be clearer and avoid the danger of being misunderstood.

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Liz Palmer
Involve me, and I will learn it

In this blog post, Martin Turner — a past participant of our Diploma in Transformational Coaching course — outlines some of his experiences of studying with Catalyst 14 and how being actively involved in the learning process was the key to his successful development as a coach.

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Martin Turner
25 mindful days in December - a mindfulness Advent calendar

At this time of year, we have a great opportunity to consciously choose to ‘wake up’ to this festive period — otherwise with all the doing that needs to be done we run the risk of giving ourselves an inner speeding ticket. To support you in the run up to Christmas, here are our recommendations for some mindful activities that you can build into your day.

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The power of the pause - wherever you are, be there!

When we are lost in our negative thoughts, leaders' ‘buttons’ often get pushed and they start to react - or over-react - before being consciously aware of it. In this post we discuss how attaining a habit of pausing during the day provides us with the opportunity to wake up from autopilot and develop a more conscious style of leadership.

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