Damion Wonfor

As summer arrives, we share a number of our favourite CPD resources that we have created over the past few months. These aim to resource and support you within your coaching practice.

CPD resources 2024

In this post we share a list of our favourite CPD resources that we’ve produced recently — and help support your coaching work in 2024.

Mindfulness advent calendar

To support you in the run up to Christmas, here are our recommendations for some mindful activities that you can build into your day.

Image of a footprint in the sand, symobolising impermanence

In this post we discuss how embracing impermanence can lead to coaches developing greater resilience and peace of mind.

A person on an online coaching session

In this post, we explore the online disinhibition effect and how it affects the coaching relationship.

Image of plants growing (symbolising International Coaching Week)

We share resources to celebrate International Coaching Week 2023 and support your development as a coach.

Image of a lighthouse accompanying a blog post about leadership and coaching.

We share 10 characteristics of an impactful leader as coach – one who will inspire and guide their team members towards achieving their goals.

A coaching conversation

In this post, we outline the components of a great coaching relationship.

Take a look at all the Continuing Professional Development opportunities available from Catalyst 14 in 2023.