In this post, we discuss how you can identify and deal with situations where the boundaries between coaching and therapy start to overlap.

Some useful CPD resources for coaches to prepare you for the coming Autumn months.

Following a successful 2021 Catalyst 14 Gathering event, we share some of the key learning points from each of the sessions delivered.

The intention of this post — the third in a three part series about internal coaching — is to support our clients with establishing, maintaining and evolving a successful internal coaching provision.

A look at the benefits that ‘clean language’ can bring to the coaching relationship.

The second part in a series of posts on how to create a strong internal coaching provision.

Insights on how we can realise when our inner critic is at work — and ways to use this to our advantage.

On the one hand, inspired leadership has never been more called for.  On the other, workplace burnout has never been so endemic.  Working with that dichotomy has been […]

Reflective writing can provide us with a consistent anchor, a grounding and a rich resource to help us navigate difficulties and be with ‘what is’ without fear of […]