Taking notes

In this post we discuss how note-taking can affect a coaching session.

Myles Downey

Access the recent masterclass on Leader Performance Coaching with Myles Downey to celebrate the 5th birthday of Catalyst 14.

CPD resources (image of plants growing)

In this post we share some videos, blog posts and mindfulness sessions to support coaches through the difficult start to 2022.

Winter coaching walk

Welcome to our winter coaching walk, the next in our series of blog posts about using the natural seasonal shifts as prompts for our thinking.

In this blog post we look at how creative methods can be successfully introduced into a coaching session.

Managing emotion within the coaching session

In this post we look at what happens when emotions arise within the coaching session – and how to manage them.


Juliet Flynn invites you to kick through some leaves with her and wander and wonder, in search of Autumnal prompts for self-coaching.


In this post, we discuss how you can identify and deal with situations where the boundaries between coaching and therapy start to overlap.

Some useful CPD resources for coaches to prepare you for the coming Autumn months.