As summer arrives, we share a number of our favourite CPD resources that we have created over the past few months. These aim to resource and support you within your coaching practice.

Image of some books accompanying a blog post about knowledge vs learning in coaching.

In this post we revisit coaching fundamentals and look at why coaching practice can be as important as coaching knowledge.


In this post, we explore how a sense of wonder can help invite new thinking and new ideas.

CPD resources 2024

In this post we share a list of our favourite CPD resources that we’ve produced recently — and help support your coaching work in 2024.

Image of a footprint in the sand, symobolising impermanence

In this post we discuss how embracing impermanence can lead to coaches developing greater resilience and peace of mind.

Change paradox image

In this post, we explore how the change paradox could be a helpful concept for executive coaches to help unlock change.

A record player. Image accompanying a post about music in coaching

In this post we look at the use of music in coaching. Can it help develop coaching conversations and improve the coaching relationship?


In this post, we share some some thoughts on how the psychology of imperfection — Wabi-Sabi can enhance our coaching practice.


We dive into 7 ways that drawing and visuals can support coaches in their work.