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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

— Will Durant

Being a professional coach offers you a lifetime of learning. That is what is both incredibly exciting and challenging; we are always meeting our development edges within the work with our clients.

A colleague, Diana Whitmore, once shared that the father of Psychosynthesis, Roberto Assagioli said, “Your potential is always unmanifest,” meaning that we will never achieve our potential. As coaches, it is always unfolding and growing as we develop ourselves more and more.

Once we realise this, our continuing professional development (CPD) becomes as important as the coaching work we deliver. 

Edna Murdoch, one of the Founders of the Coaching Supervision Academy, says, “Who you are is how you Coach.” This quote points to the importance of the inner work we continue to undertake in order to deepen our own emotional intelligence (EI) as coaches.

Two methods that support this internal understanding are Coaching Supervision and Reflective Practice. For coaches training with us, these two practices are woven into our development programmes to build this understanding — and to support their ongoing CPD after the professional training has concluded.

As the summer months continue, you may be considering your ongoing CPD and to aid your reflection, you will find some free resources about these two methods below.

Getting the Most from Coaching Supervision

During this webinar, faculty member Monica Ross and I share our thoughts on how coaches can maximise the benefits from professional coaching supervision.

YouTube video

Journaling and reflective writing

In this three-part series, coach supervisor Jackee Holder shares her expertise on starting a reflective writing and journaling practice and the various journaling exercises we can introduce to our 1-2-1 coaching programmes. The final session discusses the importance of endings and how reflective writing can support us and our coaching clients. 

YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video

More free content

At Catalyst 14, we want to provide ongoing CPD opportunities for our community of coaches to come back together in a learning environment, and it is for this reason we continue to offer free monthly webinars — you can view the schedule here.

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And finally, you can learn about our coaching qualifications here.

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