Free CPD Resources for Coaches — Autumn 2021

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”


As we move into Autumn — the season that symbolically reminds us of the cycle of constant change, the impermanence of our lives and the importance of letting go — as coaches we need to be conscious of how we are navigating this change.

Not only are we continuing to hold a development space for our clients in this ongoing pandemic, to help them reorientate to changes in their work and lives, we are also are coming to terms with a new way of working — hybrid coaching, the transition between online and face to face work.

All this requires us to consciously reset our boundaries and working patterns so that we can stay resourced rather than depleted; let go of what has happened before; and with a wakefulness identify what we need to be at our best in the months ahead.

Autumn is also the season of preparing for the coming winter, harvesting and preserving resources. It offers a chance for us to go inside, pause and reconnect with ourselves. So, to support you as a professional coach, we would like to share a few of our favourite coaching webinars that we have recorded this year to help you resource for the final months of 2021 — you will find the recordings below.

We hope these add value to your ongoing continuing professional development as a coach.

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Coaching with purpose

YouTube video

The strengths-based organisation

YouTube video

Coaching a Leader to develop an effective team

YouTube video

The drama triangle

YouTube video

Self-care for coaches

YouTube video

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